A Trip That Changed My Life.

Alexis goes on a trip with her cousin, Tessa, to Rome when she meets a handsome stranger on the plane going to Rome with some of his pals. At first Aubreys confused since she isn't the kind of person that falls in love easily, let alone fallen in love with.


2. On My Way.


As I stopped at a red light on my way to pick up Tessa I started to fix my makeup.I put on mascara,lip gloss, and some blush, some guy was staring at me in the backseat of a black Tahoe with black sunglasses screamed out,


"YA!" One said with brown hair with blue-ish eyes from what I could see.

"I THINK YOUR BEAUTIFUL!" One was a blonde blue eyed Irish guy, I presumed with his accent but the rest of them had British accents.

"HE THINKS YOUR A BABE!" One said he had black hair and earrings.


"I WISH I COULD!" The one with the curly hair said.

I replied with a small smile on my face.I had slightly blushed at all of their comments but I don't think any of them could see. He threw his head back and laughed he then looked straight at me as if something was in the car with me tried to reply but the light turned green and their,as I presume driver, drove past like he was in a hurry to get them somewhere. He was gorgeous his curly brown hair, his laugh, and his smile,oh that smile when he smiled you could see the indentation of his dimples on  his face. They were perfect some people looked good with dimples but he looked amazing. I was mesmerized some jack-ass in the back of me was honking his horn waving  his hand like he was brushing off something."Alright, Alright!" I thought. I put my foot on the gas pedal and drove off.

"Okay, Tess lives at 5513 Canary Street," I said to myself,"5509,5510,5511,5512,5514. WOAH!" I thought to myself,"Back it up," as I put my hand  on the gear handle and pulled it back to reverse and put the car on park I sad out loud," Ahh 5513!" I got out of the car and skipped myself to the front to door but, as I lifted up my hand to knock the door flew open and there stood Tessa with her luggage in her hand and carry-on wrapped around her neck and arm,

"I had difficulties." she replied

"I'm sure you did." I said trying not to laugh.

We quickly put her things in my car and rushed to get in. We ripped our seat belts to the buckle and drove off.

"Hey Lex"

"Ya, Tess?"

"Why did it take you twenty minutes to get here? You live ten minutes away."

"Well, I was driving to get when the light turned red and I was talking to this guy ,who was GORGEOUS if I may add, and his drove sped off before he could say anything else. And ya so that's sort of the reason why."

" OH! Lexi has a boyfriend!" She replied with a voice like my sisters Thank god I put blush on or she would have seen me blushing I  wonder if that guy really meant that I didn't need makeup. But doesn't matter anyways. I won't see him ever again or most likely won't remember in the next couple of weeks.


Even though Lex had blush on I could see her blushing ever since two years ago, she would blush and the tips of her ears would get red I didn't say anything because she never noticed and neither did anyone else. So I just kept it to myself. But this would rarely happen when she would be talking about someone. So this took me by surprise. But quickly took the look off my face before she could see.I had brought this CD with me it was called Take Me Home by One Direction. It was my sister's she was literally obsessed with them she made me a copy of the CD, but she took off the cover because she thought I would damage it while I was away so she just made a cover out of red paper and black sharpie writing saying"Jessica's One Direction CD." This made me miss her a little. So I put the CD in the player and we listened to them the whole car ride. Personally my two favorite songs were Truly,Madly,Deeply and Magic. But Lex I think she liked Irresistible and Truly,Madly,Deeply she would always listen carefully to the first guy singing Irresistible. She said it sounded like the guy from earlier. But, neither of us knew who these guys looked like so we weren't for sure. but we were certain that I liked the guy that did some of the harmonies which my sister said that it was Zayn. What a name and what a voice it was mesmerizing. But thats not good enough for me to really like him. I don't even know what he looks like or even his personality he could be a total ass-hole for all I know.


That girl was beautiful.Who ever she was. I wanted to ask her if her ears were alright but our driver drove off. Her smile was radiant. But, all the guy's ruined my moment to talk to her a bit more. Espcially Niall. That Irish flirt. How could he. He just had to step in and ruin everything. I saw how her eyes went straight towards Niall after he called her beautiful. My fists started to close up as if I wanted to hit someone. Then Louis asked,

"Haz, are you okay?

"Ya, Lou I'm fine."

"No, your not. I know when your mad." He snapped back

"I don't know what your talking about."

"It was that girl wasn't it?"

"Man that girl was a beauty!" Niall said all cheeky.

"Niall shut your trap!"

"Sorry mate! Didn't mean to push your buttons!" Niall said while shoving some potato chips in his mouth.

"Boys! Do you want to grab a snack before the airport?" shouted our driver.

"Please and thank you!" said Liam.

"Maybe something little." said Zayn.

"CARROTS!" said Louis. Most of the boys laughed except for me.

"Nandos!" shouted Niall.

"Harry, do you want anything?"

"No, I'll just stop to the john. Thanks though."

"Anytime!" said our driver while turning into the gas station to get Zayn and Liam's snacks.

I walked out of the car to get to hit the john. When I saw her. The girl from the car. She looked beautiful. With her dark brown that looked almost black and her deep brown eyes. Her haired was pulled back in  a bun and she was wearing shorts that were up to  her mid-thigh and a long sleeve shirt that said,"PINK" on it. She had curves and they were beautiful. I screamed,


She stopped for a minute and then shook her head and kept walking to her car. It looked like she was listening to music I looked closer she had a wire that was connected to her phoned in her back pocket. She was practically dancing her way back to her car when I saw another girl,who I presumed was her friend, in the car who was lip singing something but I couldn't quite figure it out. She checked on the meter and took out the pump.


I was listening to 'Daylight' by Maroon 5. That song was my everything. I was singing it as loud as I could but loud enough for no one to hear. I thought I heard someone scream ,"Hey!", behind me when 'Daylight' ended and 'Oath' by Cher Lloyd came on. So I stopped for a minute but, then I kept on walking. I was pretty much dancing my way to car and then I looked at the meter and took out the pump.

Writers' Notes

I'm working on the third and maybe the fourth chapter tell me what you guys think?!


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