A Trip That Changed My Life.

Alexis goes on a trip with her cousin, Tessa, to Rome when she meets a handsome stranger on the plane going to Rome with some of his pals. At first Aubreys confused since she isn't the kind of person that falls in love easily, let alone fallen in love with.


1. The Last Goodbye Before the First Hello.


  As I was getting myself all packed I felt a small set of arms wrapped around my waist. Turning around i saw my younger sister,Talia. She looked up at me with her silver-blue eyes and her smile that went ear to ear.   

"Dont go, I will miss you too much," she pleaded while firming and tightening her grip.

I replied," Dont you mean you'll miss throwing pillows atme and embarassing me infront of my dates,"

She giggled,"NO! I only do that because your life is so interesting." Then she walked out of my room with her teddy-bear sobbing into her room. I had a surprising look on my face while she walked out, my ten year-old sister had admitted to me that my life is more interesting than hers after all of the stories of her and friends going to the movies and the mall, while I sat at home doing homework or skyping Tessa. I felt like I needed to walk into her room and go talk to her but, my plane will be leaving in 2 1/2 hours so i needed to pack the rest of my carry on. As I packed my camera, iPod, and some books. I saw a picture of my dad and I the day Talia was born on the end table of my bed. We were so happy that day. I remember my parents told me that even though there is a new baby around we will always give you the same attention before Talia was born. My dad he died 3 years ago. He was stationed in Afghanistan when his camp was bombed. We have gotten back on our feet this year but, it will never be the same with out him. My mom she owns her own bakery, Arty's bakery. She named it after my dad he loved to cook and bale for us every Wednesday. But that tradition has stopped. I would always be there helping him getting the napkins for the table ready and cleaning the highchair for Talia. While my mom would be changing her diaper. I had been trying to keep the tradition going but my mom would have to stay late at work to finish baking, my sister would most likely be in her room calling her friends. So I put the picture in my carry-on and zipped it up and hoped nothing would happen to it. "HEY THERE DELILAH WHATS IT LIKE IN NEW YORK CITY," my phone rang as I ran over to get it my sister quickly ran out of her room to answer it. So i slammed and locked the door in her face hoping she would pound on the door and wiggle the knob. It had the name Tessa on the screen. I picked it up saying,

"Hey Tess!"

As she said,"I was just making sure you were done packing and on your way to pick me up." while I was pressing my back against my door to make the pounding on my door stop.

I screamed loudly,"Yeah, I'm done packing my carry-on. So now I'm just gonna bring everything downstairs and say goodbye to my mom. Would we still have enough time to grab a bite to eat?"

"You and your food," she exclaimed,"but of course yes we would. Oh and my mom said to tell your mom to come over tonight for there monthly "movie marathon."

"Haha I will!"

"Okay see you soon. Bye Lex!"

"Bye Tess!"

As I ended the call i flung the door open to let in my sister she fell down on my carpet face first. I quietly laughed while she screamed,"MOM! Lexi tripped me down and now my knee hurts!" I snapped back at her,"Oh come on! You've felt worse. Now get up and get out of my room!" I screamed as my mom came upstairs to check up on us.

"What happened?" She asked while helping my sister up.

"She tried to burst in on my call with Tessa! So I closed the door and at the end of it I swung it open and she fell. Its not like she's bleeding to death!"

"Well Talia stop getting into your sister's personal life,"while she was pointing at her and I sticking out my tongue out like a 5 year-old towards my sister, then she pointed directly at me,"don't give me that image in my mind ever again and be safe on your trip!"

Talia screaming,"IS THAT ALL YOUR GOING TO TELL HER?!" Storming out of my room stumping her feet down the hall into the bathroom slamming the door shut.

"What a drama queen!" I said while looking at my phone and saw on the clock that it was 11:30 A.M. "Oh shit!" I said to myself.

"Mom I need to go I have to pick up Tessa and then we need to get food so I have no time!"

"Well good thing I packed both of you a lunch for the road so you won't need to stop to get anyhting!" While handing me a paper take-out bag from our dinner last night.

I said laughing,"I'll miss you and I'll promise to skype you whenever i can and for surely send postcards to both of you. I love you mom."

"Love you too sweetie. Here let me help you with your luggage and your helpful sister," screaming towards the bathroom and hearing the door open  ",will take your carry-on." She said while picking up my luggage dramatically groaning and saying,

"How much did you pack?"

"Enough to stay two month's mom."

"Well I wish it was shorter!"

"I know you did!"

Reaching the last step I heard her open the door and shout'


"Got it!"

I quickly got out my keys and pressed the button to unlock the doors. Hearing the car door open she replied'

"Thank you!"

"Anytime" I said laughing.

Walking down the stairs after my sister. I opened the door for her while she gave me a look that I guess you could say was a thank you but not really. We got to my car I closed the trunk straight after my sister put my carry-on in. As we said our final goodbye's. My mom started to cry saying,

"Oh my baby be safe and bring home a cute Italian boy, okay?"

"Mom!" I said embarrassingly hoping none of the neighbors heard since almost half of them were outside tanning by there pools or having family barbecue's.

As I got in the car and turned on the engine slowly pulling out of the drive way I remembered what Aunt Jen wanted me to tell my mom.


I screamed while I stopped on the road in-front of the house.


She shouted waving me goodbye while having her left arm wrapped around my sister who was surprisingly waved goodbye also,but faintly. As I gave the final wave and look of my home. I started to tear up. I thought to myself,"No. No. No. I told myself this was not going to happen and it isn't you'll see them in two months it's gonna be okay." I quickly wiped my eyes as I drove of hoping not to hit any of the dogs in our neighborhood which I thankfully didn't.

End of Chapter 1.

Writers' Question:

What do you guys think?! It may or may not be short but there will be more hopefully tomorrow! So just tell me what you think in the comment bar! Thanks!

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