the day it began

this stroy is about an 17 yr old girl named avril an she soon has to go a huge adventure to find her lost little brother along the way she makes friends that help her!


1. that little runaway

avrils pov

my annoying little brother disided to take a long run away from home! this is how it ALL began


i was awoken by my mom yelling at jake, hes only ....what?....11? and started to cry . then i came downstairs to eat. an my little brother was too stubburn he wouldnt eat or drink it had been 4 days! only he can do that

well that morning i went to school so did jake , my mom told me shes going on a trip to washinton which is like more than 2 days away. so i would have to watch the twirp and she said we had to live on our own for a year! she wont be back for a year! i cant i wont not with this kid!  so at the end of the day i got home and my little brother wasnt there , so i sat an watched tv , i saw his bus drop him off so i unlocked the door an watched him . the thing was he didnt head towards the door he headed to the woods ! i ran after him loseing my breath . .... after awhile i got up t this really big rich  looking house . i went up an knocked on their door ..... a young boy answered " hello, did u see a little 11 year old running by"? i questioned . " no, but me lady its winter come inside please its too cold out there for u "! i came inside ,  four boys sat on the couch by the fire saying " oh niall , lookie here"! so im geussing that was niall, there was a curly haired boy , one with suspenders , one that had a buzz cut , and the other had a lot of tatoos ... then i remebered these boys ! they were the boys my friend always talked about "niall?louis?harry?zayn?liam?" i asked. "yes love?" louis answered . i told them my friend showed me them and she would be so jealous!

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