Good bye doesn't mean forever. (Completed)

When bullied 15 year old Natalie Samantha Anderson's mother gets arrested for murder and her father arrested for robbing a bank Natalue is forced to move to Doncaster England to live with a foster family she runs into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson she feels different, little did Natalie know that she was going to live with him and suffer through pure pain.


23. Please


Natalie's POV

I just keep running. I do not dare to look back because if I do I will be flooded with memory's of Louis. I burst through the door as the warm breeze hit me. I run tears feeling my eyes. I need to get away. I finally reach my destination. The bridge. I walk over to the edge. Looking down at the river flowing. I close my eyes and flashbacks flood over my brain. 

-Flash Back-

Me, Harry, Niall, Reegan, Mikaela, and Louis all go on a triple date. We get to the restaurant and as we walk in the warm air crashes into me. We get escorted to our table and a waitress walks up to us. "Hello my name is Tessa, I will be your waitress tonight. Can I get you thing to drink?"

Louis looks up "Um a coke for me and a sprite for the lady." He says winking at Mikaela, she giggles and leans her head on his shoulder. Niall smiles and wraps his arm around Reegan. "May I get a coke?" She nods and jolts it down and flicks her auburn hair and glares at Reegan "And what do you want?" She sneers. Reegan rolls her eyes "A Shirley Temple please." She writes it down and looks at Harry. She smiles and flings her hair back "And you handsome?" She asks. Harry laughs "A Pepsi please." He looks at me and kisses my cheek. She glares and stares at me "What do you want?" She shoots. "A chocolate milkshake please." She writes it down and walks away. I smile at Harry and he grabs my hand in his and kisses it "Don't let that prick get to you ok?" I nod and cuddle him.

-End of flashback-

I feel tears fill my eyes. If I kill my self Harry will suffer, even more then he has to. I rub my hand along the old rusty bar and lean over staring into the icy blue water. I feel the bar twitch and I fall. I fall into the dangerously icy water. I feel the water surround my body and my eyes close. I hear ambulances and it goes completely silent. Pease don't let me die. Please.

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