Good bye doesn't mean forever. (Completed)

When bullied 15 year old Natalie Samantha Anderson's mother gets arrested for murder and her father arrested for robbing a bank Natalue is forced to move to Doncaster England to live with a foster family she runs into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson she feels different, little did Natalie know that she was going to live with him and suffer through pure pain.


2. Moving to Doncaster

Natalie's POV

After school Mrs.Dove brought me home and helped me pack my clothes and everything i need. When i got out i looked at the house and sighed i got in the car with Mrs.Dove i looked at her she smiled i tried to smile back but i couldn't smile back she sighed and the whole way to the airport it was complete silence i liked it because i really didn't feel like talking. When we got there i hugged Mrs.Dove and said goodbye she gave me my ticket and my stuff and she said she would send my stuff up i nodded and thanked her for being so supportive she said no problem and i walked towards the airport. I looked at my ticket and i walked towards the plane i got there and looked at the ticket lady i gave her my ticket and she let me pass i smiled at her and i walked in and took my seat there was a blonde women and i looked at her and said hi she turned and said hi back "OMG YOUR PERRIE ZAYN MALIKS GIRLFRIEND!" I squeal "Yeah and it would be nice if you didnt yell out my name so i can enjoy my peace and quiet." She spat "S-s-sorry." I stagger she rolls her eyes and puts her headphones in. i looked over to my right it was empty i sigh now  i dont have anyone to talk to then i hear mumbling and i looked over to see LOUIS TOMLINSON! My jaw drops and he looks over and laughs and says goodbye to who ever he was talking to "Hey" He says in his accent i smile and say hi back "So whats your name?" He asks "Oh my name is Natalie Anderson and i know everything about you." Crap that came out creepier then it did in my head he chuckles and says "creeepy!!!" i laugh and say "I didnt mean it like that i meant it like i'm a big fan of you and your band."I stutter and he laughs again "Ok whatever you say Natalie so how old are you?" i stare into his beautiful blue eyes and say "I'm fifteen." Im ashamed becasue Louis is like 21 and i have a big crush on him. "Oh" he whispers i nod and look away embarrassed. Louis looks over to Perrie and taps her shoulder she rolls her eyes and looks away and spits "What lady!" she then notices its Louis i cant help but laugh "OMG SORRY LOU ITS JUST THAT LITTLE BRAT IS ANNOYING ME!" I glare at her and look away i hear Louis whispering something to Perrie and she turns and says im sorry Natalie i look at her and shrug "Im use to it." Louis looks at me and asks "What's wrong?" i look at him and mumble "I was always bullied at school." "oh" is all he manages to say i look at him and say "It doesnt matter ok." He nods and i close my eyes and i fall asleep.~A few hour later~ I feel a nudge and i wake up too see Louis "Wakey wakey sleeping beauty." I giggle and sit up "Are we here?" i question he nods and the pilot goes on speaker "Please buckle in your seat belts the plane will land soon." Everyone sits down and buckles up and before we know it we are landing we unbuckle and we get up "Sooo..." Louis says "Yeah..." I say back "Were are you heading and why are you even here without parents?" I sigh "Im going to this address and why i'm here is um personal." I show him the address his eyes light up and he smiles "This is my address" He screeches i cover my ears and laugh "Cool so i guess i can get a ride with you instead of a taxi." He nods and we get in the car together. When we get to Louis's or well i guess my new home his mom Johanna greeted us and told Louis to get my stuff and she brought me up to my new room and we sat on the queen sized bed the walls were white and the floors were wood the bed had no covers and there was a desk in the corner of the room. She taps my shoulder and smiles "Well Natalie this is your room you can call me mom or Johanna what ever is comfortable and im really sorry to hear what happened woth your parents and remember if there is anything you feel like saying im right here for you ok." I nod and hug her. "Thanks!"

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