Good bye doesn't mean forever. (Completed)

When bullied 15 year old Natalie Samantha Anderson's mother gets arrested for murder and her father arrested for robbing a bank Natalue is forced to move to Doncaster England to live with a foster family she runs into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson she feels different, little did Natalie know that she was going to live with him and suffer through pure pain.


21. Kidnapped part 2


Tom's POV

I was out getting some food for my beautiful Reegan when I heard sirens. I dropped the bag of food and bolted to my car and speeding off into the darkness. I got there and opened the door ticked because she was untied and smiling. Did se phone the cops? If that bitch did I will kill her. "What did you do?" I spit she smiles deviously and jolts up walking towards me. She got to me we were face to face when she whispers "I called the cops." Suddenly she shoves me down and runs out. I grab my gun from my bag and chased her.

Nobody's POV

Police cars circleing the premimeter. Ear drum bursting sirens. Reegan ran through the forest not daring to look back. Suddenly she trips on a tree root sticking out. When she falls she hears the footsteps getting closer and closer. She turns and stares in the direction. She regains her feeting and starts to run again, suddenly she hears a bang and feels a sharp pain in her shoulder and she collapses. The footsteps slow down. And she looks up as the blood ozes from her now injured shoulder. Tom comes closer and looks her in the eyes. "You shouldn't of ran, darling." He purrs.

Reegan's POV

I stare at his dark brown eyes filling with pure anger. I winch as he grabs my shoulder and squeezes it. He squeezes very hard and I feel my eyes brim with tears. I feel blood drain from my body when suddenly I hear a shot. I feel Tom collapse on me and I can barely breath. A young police man runs up to us and pulls Tom off of me "Are you alright?" He asks concerned I nod. "I'm Anthony, do you need to get to the hospital?" I nod my head. I feel light headed. I see Ambulance lights then I pass out into a darkness I can't describe. I fall straight down into a "pit" I guess you can say. I just keep falling,I flail my arms trying to fly but fail. I feel my soul bounding towards its doom.  

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