Good bye doesn't mean forever. (Completed)

When bullied 15 year old Natalie Samantha Anderson's mother gets arrested for murder and her father arrested for robbing a bank Natalue is forced to move to Doncaster England to live with a foster family she runs into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson she feels different, little did Natalie know that she was going to live with him and suffer through pure pain.


15. Great impressions

Natalie's POV

I called Reegan last night telling her the whole story from my parents getting arrested to Niall telling the truth. She was excited to hear I knew Niall but upset because my parents stupidness. She said she would catch the next plane to Doncaster to meet Niall. I was excited to see Reegan. I haven't seen her since she was 10 now she is 18. Eight years is a long time not seeing my favourite cousin. The next day I was waken by a knock on my door. I answered it and saw Reegan. Her blonde hair tied up with a silky blue bow and her blue eyes where surrounded by black make up. "Reegan!" I scream "I missed you!" She giggled and hugged me. "Where is Niall?" she instantly asked I rolled my eyes at her "A bit excited are we?" She nodded her head wildly. I laughed and grabbed her hand, pulling her through my door.  "Where is your room?" Reegan asked "Its upstairs. Here let me bring you there." I dragged her up to my room.  When we got to my room and closed the door behind us, it flew open and revealed an excited Louis. "Hi Reegan!" He screams she smiled widely and fainted. Louis sighs " I hate fans who do that. What will happen when she meets Niall?" "I have no idea...." I say.

Reegan's POV

I fainted or well pretended too, when I hear Louis say he already hates me. Great first impression Reegan. I get up a mope to the bed and fall in, stuffing my head in the pillow. I silently cry and the bed creaks. "Oh whats wrong Reegan?" I hear a boyish Irish a accent say. I flip my head up and spin around. He laughs and I  questionably look at him. He holds a hand mirror up still laughing I grab it from his hands and look at my self. My mouth gaps as I look at my makeup running. "Crap!" I scream and jump up knocking Niall off the bed. I spin around and look at Niall sitting up with a cut on his head "Oh my GOD!" I scream. Niall looks at me and laughs. "Are you ok?" I practically scream. He nods and I walk over and hug him. He hugs back and I feel queasy and I jolt up and run to the bathroom. I splash water in my face  and pry the toilet seat open, throwing up I hear the door open and I turn around and see Niall "Do I stink or something?" He asks "No it's nothing with you, it was an unfortunate event that no one knows about." Niall's eyes open "Are you pregnant?" I start to cry and nod "I was raped 6 months ago." I whisper "Does anyone know?" I shake my "No one but you and me." He sighs and wraps his arms around me. Great impressions absolutely great.

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