Good bye doesn't mean forever. (Completed)

When bullied 15 year old Natalie Samantha Anderson's mother gets arrested for murder and her father arrested for robbing a bank Natalue is forced to move to Doncaster England to live with a foster family she runs into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson she feels different, little did Natalie know that she was going to live with him and suffer through pure pain.


18. Blood everywhere

Nobody's POV

Blood creating pools under those who are hurting. Louis, Harry, Isabel, Mikaela. Tom who caused the pools of blood smiling cruelly at the puddles.  Reegan stares at Tom with horrified eyes. Will they die a painful death or be saved by luck. Will they ever get help? Will Tom ever get caught and arrested? Or will he harass the poor people forever? What will happen?

(Heyo guys what do you think of my story so far? And all you people who read but don't comment, I'm pissed at you I mean if you enjoy my story tell me you do instead of being silent. I mean lots of you comment after every chapter and I LOVE you for that! So yes everyone comment on this horrific experience with Tom and Reegan. What will happen? Comment and tell me what you think!i love you guys and thanks for supporting me! 😘)

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