Skyler and harry have been friends since they were 5 and now they are both 18 but she hasnt seen him in 8 months because of his tour, Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out in the story!!! <3


9. TheBigDay.

~Skyler`s P.O.V~

It was the day I would become Skyler Nicole Styles, I was super nervous but happy. I started to get ready.

Dress: http://www.luckbridal.com/exquisite-strapless-bridal-gown-taffeta-lace-chapel-train-wedding-dress-669.html

Shoes: http://www.discountwomensdressshoes.com/servlet/the-48017/Silver-Rhinestone-Evening-Bridal/Detail


Ring: http://www.jewelryvortex.com/p/Buy-Round-Cut/18KW-Micro-Pave-Set-Round-Diamond-with-Milgrain-Engagement-Ring/393696.html?AID=10599738&PID=5646020

You were getting ready to walk down the isle, your dad came next to you and asked "Are you ready?" he said with a smile, "Ready" I said kind of nervous, When we got to where harry was we exchange vows, 

Harry`s Vows: Skyler Nicole Cheramie, I promise to love you and never leave your side, as long as I shall live, Ill take care of you and most of all Ill be your prince charming. you started getting teary eyed and now it was time for my vows. 

My Vows: Harry Edward Styles, I promise to love and be there for you when you need me most, if your sick then im sick if your down im down, Ill love you forever and ill be your princess. harry said in a whisper I love you and you said I love you and the priest said "You may now kiss the bride" harry gave you the best kiss he could and smiled and everyone was clapping. Now it was time for the honeymoon.

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