Skyler and harry have been friends since they were 5 and now they are both 18 but she hasnt seen him in 8 months because of his tour, Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out in the story!!! <3


1. MissingMyBestFriend.

~Skylers Point Of View~


I miss harry so much. I thought to myself while I was shopping for new clothes. If harry were here right now he would be laughing about how long it took me to pick one outfit for tomorrow I giggled to myself. I saw this beautiful blue dress ive been wanting but it was $500 dollars! I cant afford that I thought to myself. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I took it out and it was harry! I smiled at my phone and answered it.

Harry: "Hey Sky"

Me: "Hey Hazza"

Harry: "Come to the airport in an hour okay?"

Me: "Okay?" I said with confusion.

Harry: "Well gotta go now sky!"

He hung up and I was confused but i raced to my flat and put on my Light blue hot pants that harry gave me and my Live Love Laugh tee shirt and my sandles and i curled my hair, I raced to the airport and when i got there i waited about 30 minutes then i heard a familiar voice. "SKY!!!" I heard someone say and I turned around and I saw harry holding his arms up for me to go hug him.! I jumped up from my chair and I went run to him and he hugged me tight, After the hug all the fans started mobbing the boys! Two of the fans asked me for my autograph and picture, I did as they asked and harry was smiling his cute cheeky smiling. After all the mobbing and autographs and pictures we went back to harry`s flat.

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