Skyler and harry have been friends since they were 5 and now they are both 18 but she hasnt seen him in 8 months because of his tour, Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out in the story!!! <3


2. Its good to see her again.

~Harry`s P.O.V~


Skyler looked beautiful as she always did and I saw she was wearing those really sexy pants I got her. Wait what am I saying? I thought to myself she is my bestfriend not my girlfriend but I wish she was. When we got back to my flat I asked sky if she wanted to go to the park or something and this is what she told me. "Harry we cant go to the park youll get mobbed and then ill be left out." she said with a sigh. "Sky I would never leave you out! did you see those two girls who wanted your autograph and picture?" I said with a shocked look on my face. "Yeah TWO girls only two harry" she said with a little sad look. "Sky we are going to the park end of story!" i said with my smile that I know she loves. "Fine. harry ill go but i wont like it." she said with a kind of little cute giggle. "Well you ready?"  she said with a smile, "I was waiting for you sky!" I giggled at him, I grabbed her hand and I dragged her into the car and I drove to the car, "So sky how have you been lately?" I said with a cheeky smile. "Ive been good, how was the tour? she said with her beautiful smile, "It was good and sorry i couldnt talk to you mangement took away my phone." i said with a sigh. "Its fine" she said with her beautiful white teeth and her perfect lips. "Well were at the park sky" I said looking out the front view window, "You ready?" she said. "Ive been ready the question is are you ready?" i said with a little smile. "Yeppedy little hazza" she laughed, I got out the car and took skyler with me and we walked around the park only a few girls came up to us and they all took pictures with skyler and me, "See sky they love you." I smiled at her, "I know everyone loves me" she joked with me. After all the fans left we went walk around the whole park, "Hey sky I really missed you" I smiled at her. "I missed you to haz" she smiled at me, "Its getting dark we should head back" I said to her, We walked back to the car and we both hopped in, "im so cold haz" she said shivering,  "Do you want my jacket?" I said smiling big at her, "No keep your jacket we are almost at your flat anyway ill just cuddle up in your warm pjs" She said smiling at me, "Who said you can borrow my pjs?" i said while laughing at her, "Fine i can just go home and cuddle in my own pjs!" she said smirking at me, "Okay fine you can use my pjs" i said smirking back at her, "Thats what I thought haz" she said giggling at me, "Hey were back at my flat" i said smiling, "No really styles?" she said laughing, "Watch your tone little lady" i said laughing at her, "Harry im older than you" she said smirking, "Only by 1 month" i said with a little sob, "Hey can we go inside now im so cold!" she said shivering again, I got out the car and went open the door for her and she raced to the door and plobbed down on the couch. I laughed at her. "Would you like the pjs now for you can go shower?" I said looking at her and she nodded her head and said "Yes please haz" I went upstairs and grabbed the blue pj pants and my favorite white shirt, I went downstairs and handed her the pjs and she said "Thank you mr styles." she said smiling at me and walked upstairs to shower.

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