Skyler and harry have been friends since they were 5 and now they are both 18 but she hasnt seen him in 8 months because of his tour, Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out in the story!!! <3


7. InterestingNight.

~Skyler`s P.O.V~

I saw the magazine and kissed harry it was amazing how many people loved us, "Hey love im going shopping wanna come?" harry asked me, "No thanks babe you can go my neck hurts" I said rubbing my neck, "Okay be back later love" he said after kissing me on the lips, I took out my phone and checked twitter and I was suprised I had no hate, Almost all the tweets said "You and harry are perfect!" "Get Married" "I Love You and Harry together" I smiled at all of them, I replied and followed this one fan who said "You and harry are perfect together, me and my best guy friend have been drifting apart but im falling for him but Congrats for you and harry." her name was anna, i replied back to her "One day your best guy friend will firgure out how much you mean to him and he will ask you out(:" after that I followed her and then I had a whole bunch of other fans asking to follow them i only followed the fans who were cool about it and not fangirl. Harry came home about an hour later with a couple things to eat and drink, "Need help babe?" I asked him. "No im good love you relax I got it" he said with a smile, after he was done with the bags he came sit down next to me on the couch and asked "Is your next still hurting?" I said "Yes it is." with a sigh. "Let me help" he said rubbing my neck and then he started kissing my neck, "Are you sure?" he asked me because he knew what I wanted. "Yes" harry carried me into the bedroom and placed me on the bed gently and started kissing my neck, Next thing I know I was on top of him, I pointed to his shirt and said "This needs to go" i smiled and he took off his shirt and said "And the pants styles" I said smiling and we were both undressed, harry got on top of me (yes, the used protection) and harry started kissing my neck again and he found my soft spot, I let out a little moan, I told harry just to do me already, he thrusted and it was amazing, after we were done with that amazing night I feel asleep in harry`s big arms, when I woke up i felt amazing my neck pain was gone and I just felt amazing, I tried to get up but I forgot i was in harry`s arms, I snuggled back with him and then I said "Someones here Ill go get it" I put on my robe and went downstairs and I opened the door to find Louis standing there looking at me. "Umm lou its a long story" i said laughing and little embarrssed, "Ill come back later okay sky?" he told me. "Okay lou sorry about that btw" I said giggling when he left.  I turned around and saw harry he was smiling, "Well that was an interesting night sky" he said giggling, "I needed that i couldnt take your hot body anymore" i said with a wink and kissed him, "Who was that btw?" he asked me. "It was lou and he said ill be back later didnt mean to disturbe you" harry giggled as did I. "I love you sky" he said while smiling at me "I love you to haz".

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