Skyler and harry have been friends since they were 5 and now they are both 18 but she hasnt seen him in 8 months because of his tour, Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out in the story!!! <3


3. HesActingDifferent,Or Am I?

~Skylers P.O.V~


I was walking upstairs and I turned around and I saw harry hurry and turn away from looking at me. I just ignored that and went into the bathroom and locked the door, after i was done in the shower i dried my hair and got dressed and put my colorful socks on with harry`s warm pjs, I put my hair in a high bun and went back downstairs and harry was asleep on the couch with spongebob on the tv. I smiled and said quietly "Typical harry" , I saw him turn a bit and then I looked at the time Its only 7:00 why would harry be sleeping already? I questioned myself but then I went into the kitchen and cooked me some eggs and bacon and made me some nice hot tea,After I was done cooking and the tea was done I sat down gently at the table not trying to make a sound and i ate my yummy eggs and bacon and drank my nice hot tea, After i was done eating and drinking, I cleaned and washed my dishes and went back into the living room quietly and saw harry sleeping in a peaceful adorable cute sleep, What am i saying harry is my bestfriend and I cant like him. I was starting to get tired and I ended up falling asleep, When I woke up I was in harry`s bed, How did I get here? Harry must have brought me up here, When i got up i streched my arms and streched my whole body, After that i went into the bathroom and fixed my hair and brushed my teeth, When i went downstairs there was a note and breakfest on the table and the note read (Went out to get some more food and movies for later, be back before you wake up, Harry (: ) I smiled at the note and said "Well your kinda late styles." I giggled a bit. After I was done eating, the door opened and I looked and it was harry with a whole bunch of bags. "A lil help here sky" he said while breathing hevaliy, I got up and went up to harry and took some bags and he got the rest and we went back in the kitchen, we put all the food away and put the movies in the movie cupboard, "Hey haz did you bring me in your room last night?" i said looking at him "Well duh sky" he said laughing. "Dont try being sassy like louis now" I said while laughing at him. "Wanna go shopping?" Harry asked me. "Sure ill go get ready" I headed upstairs and put my skinny jeans and half cut shirt on that had zebra stripes with my white handbag and silver sandals and I curled my hair again, I walked downstairs and harry had his usual tight pants and sweater on. "You look amazing sky" he said smiling at me. "As do you haz" i said giggling, We went outside after harry locked the house and we hopped in the car and went to the never ended shopping street, Harry said "Lets go get that dress youve been wanting!" he said smiling. "You remembered that?" i asked him looking shocked. "You have been wanting that for 5 months now sky"  he said smiling with his cheeky smile, "Its $500 dollars harry" I said with a frown. "Ill buy it for you" he said smiling. "No you cant please dont its to much." i said telling him to stop. "Im buying it for you sky!" he said while smiling but it was to late, he had already bought the dress "Harry you are to nice" i said smiling. "I know I know" he said giggling, "To full of yourself though mr.styles." i said with a smile. "Now how about we go see a movie?" he asked me with his deep sexy voice. I couldnt help it.... Im falling in love with harry and i know it.

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