Skyler and harry have been friends since they were 5 and now they are both 18 but she hasnt seen him in 8 months because of his tour, Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her? Find out in the story!!! <3


4. DoesSheLoveMeBack?

~Harry`s P.O.V~


  I love sky alot but its not the friendly best friend love anymore its the love love kind, I can tell she doesnt love me back. "Hey haz" I heard her call out to me. "Yea sky?" I asked her while fixing my hair. "What movie are we going watch?" she asked me with her beautiful smile. "How about breaking dawn part 2?" I asked her since shes been wanting to see that movie for about forever now. "Omg really?" she asked me with an excited look. "Yeah i know you want to see it so bad" I smiled at her. "Yay!!"  she gave me a big hug. We walked tot he theater and we bought 2 tickets to see breaking dawn part 2, As usual the fans came ask for autographs and pictures and skyler got asked to, "Ready to go watch the movie now sky?" i asked "Yeah sure" but before we went in, a girl asked me and skyler for a picture with both of us, "Okay" we both said smiling at the little girl, we took a picture with her and skyler hugged her after, "Ready to go now?" i asked her with a smile, "Ready as ever" She said smiling back to me, "Okay lets go then sky" i said while opening the door for her, "Thanks" she said and poked me. "You know i hate it when people poke me sky" i said giggling. "I know" she laughed, We got our food and drinks and then headed in to the theater where the movie was being hosted, we went sit where they had only two seats, for the fans wouldnt mob us. It was actually nice sitting next to her just me and her sitting and watching a movie, I can tell she doesnt love me back, ive been loving her since we were 15, Maybe she does? Maybe she doesnt?, I ignored the fact and just watched the movie, I knew she was a big fan of jacob, so whenever he stripped her and the rest of the girls freaked out while i was just ignoring him, Once the movie was finished we got out, and got mobbed again "Not again" i heard her say in a whisper, "May we have your autograph skyler?" she smilied at them and gave them an autograph and she took a picture with them,  I sign autographs and took pictures like usual, After we told the fans by we went find my car and we hopped in to go back to my flat. It was a short ride there but we didnt talk. Once we got there it was still daytime. "Wanna go for a swim mr.styles?" she said giggling "Sure ill race you" i hurried in the house and got into my bathing suit but when i got back down skyler was already in an amazing blue bikini, "Wow" thats all i said next thing i noticed skyler was already in the pool. "Come on haz your turn" she said to me with a smirk, I jumped in and she tackled me, "Thats what you get" she giggled, "For what exactly?" i asked her with a smile "I dont really know." she while questioning herself and I splashed water on her, we had a big water fight, I got the two big pool raffs she got on the pink and i got on the blue, after sometime relaxing, i turned and saw that sky had fell asleep. I smiled at her and carefully took her off the raff and brought her into the room but i didnt change her because she would kill me. I went lay her in the bed and I made me a comfortable place on the floor next to the bed.
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