After Danielle broke up with Liam, he was devastated. He started to get more and more distant from everyone. He wasn't the sweet, responsible, daddy direction, that every one knew and loved. people started to question his behaviors and that's when management decided to make him date Alex.
Alex has to accept the management's offer because that's the only way she can save her dad.
Liam hates Alex and would do anything to make her leave, anything...


1. How we met

“So Liam, are you two really dating?”
“Yes, we are.” Liam gave the reporter a charming smile, put his arms around my waist, pulled me closer to him and placed a kiss at the top of my head.
The reporter “awwed” exaggeratedly. “You are one lucky girl Alex!”I could almost sense the hostility in her voice.
“I sure am.” I tried my best to sound convincing, but Liam, knowing I was being sarcastic, tightened his grip on my waist.
“So how did you two meet?” She shot me one last not so friendly smile and turned his face to Liam and held that position almost until the end of the interview. Not that I minded, no I was totally comfortable with Liam answering the questions and me being silent. This gave me a good time to review the past events that all happened in a blur in my mind.
About a month ago, I got accepted in one of the universities in London. I could still remember the feeling of victory when my parents agreed to me leaving Leeds, my hometown, and living there. I mean that was London, the city of my dreams! My dad insisted on driving me there to check the university accommodation service, much to my embarrassment, and make sure that I would be fine.
We were nearly in the end of our road trip when it happened. We got into an accident. I don’t remember how it happened. But the next events are so vivid. I’m not sure if I can ever forget them.
I opened my eyes and found myself in an unfamiliar place with a weird smell. After a few seconds of analyzing the place I found out I was in a hospital. This couldn’t be good, something was seriously wrong, I just knew something was terribly wrong. I got out of the bed hurriedly, ignoring the pain in my limbs. To my surprise none of the nurses there stopped me from moving and getting out of bed, I was most probably fine then. I just needed to find dad.
I was wandering in the hospital hopelessly, when one of the nurses finally called my name.
“Alexandra Davis?”
I looked at her like she was an angel sent straight from heaven. I quickly nodded, still not sure if I can use my voice.
“I guess you are looking for your father miss Davis.” I didn’t like the look she was giving me. It was almost sympathetic. This time I nodded hesitantly.
Then she started explaining what has happened to my dad with a lot of medical terms which I didn’t exactly know what they meant but my general interpretation was that we had got into a pretty bad accident, he had some extremely severe injuries and needed surgery, soon.
That was the first time in my whole life when I felt my world crumble down right before my eyes. We weren’t exactly a poor family but we most certainly didn’t have enough money to pay for all those surgeries. I didn’t want to tell mom. She would have a heart attack if she knew, plus she couldn’t do a thing about it. I couldn’t help but feel guilty. If it wasn’t for me dad wouldn’t be in this state. What if he died? What would happen to mom, James, us?! The thought of losing dad made me weak in the knees, and I suddenly I had the urge to throw up. So I ran to the closest restroom ignored the man that was blocking the door and trying to prevent me from entering and pushed him out of the way and emptied my stomach in the nearest sink as silently as possible. I couldn’t make much noise even if I wanted to, because two men were having a heated argument and one of them was practically yelling his head off. They were so loud they didn’t even notice me.
“I’m so fucking sick of this Paul, I told you, I’m not gonna date a random girl!”
“Well you have to Liam, you haven’t been at your best behavior lately. People are starting to dislike you. This is a good way to show you as a grounded person.”
“I don’t give a fuck about what people think!”
“Well you should. You owe your career to them. And you are putting the boys in risk too. Do you have any idea how hard it was to make the boy you picked up a fight with silent? Or how hard it is to make up an excuse for your absence in most interviews? And now you are ruining this hospital charity event that was supposed to make up for all these! I’m telling you, we need to get you in a fake serious relationship since you are not ready for a real one.”
I was waiting for the boy to shout back at the man and leave the restroom unnoticed but he never did. I looked at them and found them both staring at me. And to my disbelief one of them was Liam Payne.
Yeah so that’s how we met. Right after me throwing up and him acting like the biggest jerk in the world. So much for a good first impression! But Liam’s answer to the interviewer was a simple lie.”Harry set us up!”
She laughed and went on to the next question. I was nearly falling asleep when she asked the last question and Liam’s answer nearly made me jump up in my seat.
“Is there anything serious going on? Any plans you guys want to share with us?”
“Definitely yes. Actually we are moving in together.”
I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I wanted to kill Liam for this. Why didn’t he tell me the plans? Why does he keep messing with me like this? Of course I knew the answer to that question, he hated me. So I shouldn’t be so shocked about any of these. I mean I knew this was mentioned in the contract but I had no idea it was going to happen so soon.
“When are you planning to do that?”
“Soon, in a couple of weeks in fact.”
Great, So fucking great!
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