After Danielle broke up with Liam, he was devastated. He started to get more and more distant from everyone. He wasn't the sweet, responsible, daddy direction, that every one knew and loved. people started to question his behaviors and that's when management decided to make him date Alex.
Alex has to accept the management's offer because that's the only way she can save her dad.
Liam hates Alex and would do anything to make her leave, anything...


14. Good Intentions Gone Wrong


Liam’s POV:


I left the room to clean up my bloody face and when I came back I was shocked to see Alex, sitting on my bed, reading what I knew was the answer to my latest donation. That wasn’t good. I didn’t want her to think I was a good person. I wanted her out of my fucking life and in order to get that I had to make her hate me, which of course she did. How could she not after I treated her like shit and beat the crap out of her. Still, I couldn’t take any chances. The smile on her face was as if she was thinking I wasn’t a lost cause but I was and we both knew it.


And it wasn’t as if she was exactly the most honest and innocent person in the world. She just admitted to not having any feelings for me. She just admitted that she had done all this for the money. She could get that money from someone else, I didn’t give a damn. It was not my fucking problem and I just hated it when people used me for my money or my fame. I’ve had a lot of people clinging to me because of those things since I had joined the band and that was why the only people I was truly comfortable with were the boys and Danielle… Could there a day pass by without me thinking about her?


“So in addition to being gold digger and two faced you’re also a nosey bitch aren’t you?” I decided to inform her of my presence, finally.


Much to my enjoyment she jumped in surprise. She grabbed her clothes and got off my bed hurriedly.


“I’m sorry… I just wanted to… I didn’t mean to…” She was trying to get out the right words. I enjoyed the effect I had on her. She was sort of afraid of me, but not enough for her to leave. Maybe I could do something about that.


“Save it.” I said and pushed past her and threw myself on my bed, placing my laptop on my stomach.


I had tried many methods and they hadn’t worked. Maybe it was time I played another card.


“You know I was thinking, if I can’t get you to leave, maybe the fans can. You know it’s not really wise of you to piss them off” I said in a threatening tone. Maybe I didn’t even have to show her the picture. Maybe she was smart enough to sense the warning and leave.


“What do you mean?” She either wasn’t smart or was just downright stubborn and my bets were on the latter.


So I just opened the folder that I had hopped I would never have to use.


“You think the fans will be happy when they see this?” I asked with a smirk as I turned my laptop to show him the pictures of her and Andrew Edwards.


Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion for a few seconds and then her whole expression was transformed to pure shock. Now that was what I wanted. I knew this would work. That was why I had hired that Andrew kid.


A while back, just when the management forced us to move in together, I paid a boy named Andrew Edwards, one of Alex’s classmates to flirt with her and act like they’re in a relationship for a day. He accepted and I had someone to take some pictures. I remember what he said to me at the end of the day. He said that Alex wasn’t interested and was one step away from punching him in the nose, but I had gotten what I needed.


There was a picture of Andrew whispering something into Alex’s ear and another one holding her hand.  There was even this picture where he had bent down and none of their faces was really clear because of Andrew’s hand between His and Alex’s face but it was as if they were kissing. He hadn’t kissed her of course, he didn’t have the nerve but it sure as hell looked like he did.


I didn’t threaten her with the pictures for a while because I wanted her to know hate can be, what it can do to you, especially if you didn’t have someone to talk to. She didn’t know it the first month she came here but I was sure she was fully aware of it now. And the hate she got was only for dating me, imagine how it would be if the fans thought she was cheating on me with some random guy!


I noticed her small body shaking slightly. Was the fever back? No, she was just afraid. I couldn’t help but feel the smirk on my face grow wider. I could see the light of freedom. She had no choice but to break the contract and leave. Of course between having the photos leaked and leaving she’d choose the latter!


 “Liam, this is not what you think…” She tried to explain but I cut her off.


“Oh I know, but the fans don’t and that’s what really matters.” I looked at her pale face as realization dawned on her.


“Liam, please don’t make me…” Her voice cracked and she didn’t go on.


How did she manage to make me look like the worst guy on the planet every time? We both knew that all that mattered to her was money and still all I wanted to do was to lift up her chin and tell her that I didn’t want to hurt her… but I did. I was in a fight with myself. There was this part of me that wanted to hurt her, that wanted to see her tears, to let her know that I was no idiot and that I was not going to let anyone fool me, use me for my money and then leave me alone but there was also this other part that didn’t want to see her hurt and that thought she wasn’t really a gold digger bitch.


But as always I let the first part win. I merged all the photos into one and logged in to my anonymous account on Twitpic, pretending like I was one step away from uploading the photo and exposing her to the whole world.


She looked at me with her pleading, huge brown eyes and I just frowned in response. She just had to find a new source of money.


“Think hard before you decide, Alex.” Like she had to think! She just had to accept defeat.


“Why? Why can’t you put up with me for a bit more? Until my dad gets better.” She said, her voice quivering.


That got to me for a second. Why couldn’t I? But then I was reminded of the numerous times I had been used, that I’d been lied to. Everybody thought I was just too innocent and kind and gullible and maybe that’s what I used to be, but not anymore. I had been hurt too many times and I knew better to trust anyone again.


“Because I fucking hate you and you’re just a freaking liar.” I said through gritted teeth.


“Then do what you gotta do.” She said in a weak voice. She avoided looking at me which annoyed me a lot. I had to know what she was thinking about.


“Alex, I’m not bluffing. I’ll do it.” I insisted but of course I was bluffing. I couldn’t do that to anyone, even Alex.


“I know you’re not. Just do it and get it over with.” She raised her voice a bit, her head still down.


She couldn’t be serious right?


“Alex…” I started.


“Damn it Liam! Do you want me to beg you? Don’t try because I won’t so just send those fucking pictures already!” She shouted.


I looked at her in disbelief.


“You know what? I won’t let you torture me and make me beg for a while and then finally send them, I’ll do it myself.” And with that she bent down and pressed the send button before I could get my laptop away from her.


I, by no means had any intent of sending that picture. That was just supposed to be a threat, something to scare her and make her leave, not something that would completely destroy her. Yeah that was what that picture was going to do to her, destroy her.


One glance at the screen and there were already some remarkably harsh replies to that post. I put it away and got up from the bed. I wasn’t ready to deal with the fans for now. I didn’t know how to clean up this mess. I wasn’t even sure if there was a way to ever clean it up.


I seized Alex by her shoulders and shook her as if I was trying to get some sense into her, but I immediately stopped as I noticed her cringing in pain. I stopped shaking her but held my tight grip on her blanket covered shoulders.


“Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into? Why did you do that?” I asked, frustrated.


“You would have done it eventually, so I just saved our time.” She said with a bitter smile as she put her cold fingers on my hands and unclasped them from her shoulders and walked out of the room with a slight limp that made me want to kick myself in the nuts. It made me feel like shit, knowing that I had done all that to her and somehow I knew it was not going to be the last time I would hurt her. There was something about her that arose things in me that I didn’t know existed there.



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