After Danielle broke up with Liam, he was devastated. He started to get more and more distant from everyone. He wasn't the sweet, responsible, daddy direction, that every one knew and loved. people started to question his behaviors and that's when management decided to make him date Alex.
Alex has to accept the management's offer because that's the only way she can save her dad.
Liam hates Alex and would do anything to make her leave, anything...


5. Awkward


I was at Liam’s flat door holding a huge box that contained almost all my belongings and waiting nervously for him to open it. I hadn’t seen him for two weeks and I would be lying if I said that there had been a single day without me thinking about him. Apart from being anxious for what was about to happen I was kind of looking forward to see him again and I was angry at myself for feeling that way.

Right when I thought I could not hold the box any longer the door opened. He stared at me for a few seconds and got out of my way hesitantly with a smirk on his handsome face. He didn’t offer any help just as I expected. I walked in but didn’t take more than a few steps, since I didn’t know where I could put my stuff. I waited for Liam to show me my room but he didn’t say a word. He just stayed where he was, leaning against the wall and enjoyed watching me struggle.

“Um… where can I put my stuff?” I asked impatiently. The weight of the box was becoming unbearable.
He finally decided that he had enough fun and showed me to my room. He was lucky that I had the box in my hand, because if I didn't I would punch him in the face. He stopped in front of a door but didn’t open it. I looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to open the door for me but he didn’t. I thought he would at least leave me alone but I was wrong, he stayed there the whole time and watched me as I miserably tried to open the door with my elbow and left only when I finally made it. The boy had some serious mental issues!

I put the box on the bed and sat beside it. It felt good to finally sit and relax especially that I was on my period and my cramps were really bothering me. The room was nice. The walls were painted white and the curtains were dark. The room was simple and comfortable overall, just how I liked it. But I was sure Liam had taken his time, choosing the worst room in the flat. Good thing he didn’t know that I hated the colour pink, or else he wound paint the whole house pink just to make me pissed.

I started unpacking my stuff and finished it soon because they weren’t that many. My books took up the most space.

After I was done I threw myself on the bed and started reading "little women", one of my favourite books. Maybe one of the reasons why I loved this book was that I could relate to Jo really easily.

I kept reading until I heard my stomach growling. I looked at my watch and was surprised at how time had passed so quickly. It was already lunch time. You wouldn’t expect time to pass like that in Liam’s house.

I didn’t know the routine in his house so I decided to wait and see what and when he was going to eat, so I kept reading but after three hours passed I realized that he must have eaten his lunch. So that was the way it was going to be like. I got up, angry at myself for waiting for him. I decided that a shower would make me feel better so I got my towels and shampoos and got out of the room.

I still felt uncomfortable walking in his house. Everything was unfamiliar and seemed unfriendly just like the owner. Liam was nowhere to be seen so I had to find the bathroom myself which wasn’t that hard to do.

I took a quick and nice shower which made me both relaxed and even hungrier. I really should have had some breakfast today. I had to get something to eat. Hastily, I reached out for my towel but suddenly froze. I had run out of tampons and was supposed to buy some on my way here but I had completely forgotten that.

Why did I have to be so stupid, why? What could I do? Ask Liam to buy me tampons? God that was the last thing I wanted to do, I would rather die! But what other choice did I have? So I slowly crept behind the door and called him with a voice that even I could barely hear. I mustered up all my courage and called him again. After about the sixth or seventh time I managed to make my voice heard.

I heard a knock on the door and a gruff voice. “What again?”

I was about to make a witty remark but stopped myself.

“Um… Liam?” I asked in an unusually shy and quiet voice.

“What have you done this time?”

Was this boy serious? What had I done before? But I convinced myself to stay polite.

“I kinda forgot something…”

“Alex, I swear to God, if you don't start talking properly right now…”

“IforgotmytamonsandIneedsomerightnow.” I said quickly. So much for talking properly. I was sure he hadn’t understood a word I said.

“What fucking language was that?”

“I forgot my… um… tampons… and I … need some right now.”

I said slowly this time and blushed a deeper shade with each word.

There was a long silence and I thought he had just left. But finally he made a sound.

“Just wait here.”

Like I could go anywhere like this! I stood there awkwardly expecting him to be back in hopefully less than fifteen minutes. But to my surprise, he came back after a minute or two and knocked on the door. I opened the door slightly, got the tampon from him, thanked him and slammed the door in his face all in a matter of seconds.

As I was getting ready to finally get out of the bathroom, both physically and mentally, I was thinking about how fast he had gotten the tampons. I was sure he didn’t get out of the house. So he must have had them here, I guess they were for Danielle.

Finally I got out of the bathroom and locked myself in my room. I could not face Liam. Not tonight at least. Maybe tomorrow I could pretend like it never happened or even thank him and apologize to him, but not tonight. No I was not getting out of this room tonight, which meant no food for me again…

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