Niall James Horan

Niall horan gets a diary? Even an international superstars have diarys, and secrets. Find out in Niall James horan, what secrets Niall is keeping from the world and more importantly the boys (Liam, louis, harry, and zayn)


1. Its a journal, not a diary!

"Niall time to go!" Paul yelled from the check out line of the grocery store, I was in the book section and I was reading a one direction diary (people can publish books about us without facts or permission) and it gave me the idea that I should start a diary. "okay Paul I'll be there in a sec!" I yelled. I ran to the next isle (the art supply isle) and grabbed a joulnal that was completely black and had a lock on it. I ran to the line and quickly paid for the item before anyone had the chance to ask me what I was doing. When we got to the limo the boys where asking me stuff like 'why did you buy a diary?' or 'Niall diarys are for girls' but the one that got to me most was what Liam said "diarys are for secrets" he looked at me with hurt in his eyes then hurt formed in Harry's eyes "we're supposed to tell each other everything." then I said "I know I just think I would like to keep a journal." I was looking at the ground feeling bad but then Louis said "don't you mean diary" everyone laughed because well diarys ARE for girls. When we got to the van we all climed in Harry got in first and went to the back then I got in and sat next to Harry "hey I want to sit by Harry" Louis said pouting. "you sat which Harry on the way here" Liam said being a dad. Whalen we all finally got in it was me and harry in the back louis, zayn, and Liam in the closer to the front and in the passenger seat was Paul and our showfer was driving. When we got back to the hotel I decided to go greet the fans but Paul said he would have to come with me and he was busy so I took a hot shower instead. I through on a dark pair of jeans and my 'the who' T. When I was done Paul said we could go and Liam and zayn said they would come with me. When we got outside of the hotel there where around 35 or more fans, not very much but we where in a smaller city. It's weird how a group of 35 can sound like a group of 80 when they scream, but it always puts a smile on my face hearing fans scream for me. I was rubbing my ear from the noise when I saw her and my smile emediatly disappeared and all the sound was gone.
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