Niall James Horan

Niall horan gets a diary? Even an international superstars have diarys, and secrets. Find out in Niall James horan, what secrets Niall is keeping from the world and more importantly the boys (Liam, louis, harry, and zayn)


2. Hi I'm Niall

I was just staring at her and then she noticed and smiled. Liam noticed too and came over and said in my ear "go say hi" I smiled and all sound was again around me and I flinched I walked up to the girl holding out my hand "hi I'm Niall" she laughed and I realized I didn't have to say 'im Niall because well obviously she knows who I am or she wouldnt be in front of my hotel. "I'm Mady" she said with her angel voice I was just staring into her eyes beautiful and blue. "oh um, I um" I said not knowing what to say but then Liam saved my life and said "want to come get se Starbucks whith Niall" I nodded my head like an idiot. She smile the most beautiful smile and I couldnt look away "sure" I could hear her staining not to scream out "omg Niall horan and I are going out to have coffee!" because we'll she is a fan girl. Then Liam said "at 1:00 go to the hotel front desk and tell them your name and they will bring you to our room." now she was the one shaking her head like and idiot. And I laughed. Liam said "bye" and dragged me away. We went back inside and went to the desk and said "when a girl comes in around 1 and says her name is Mady bring her to my hotel room" I said to the lady at the front desk she said "ok mr. Horan" and me and Liam sat in the lobby waiting for Paul and zayn. About 5 minutes later they walked in with zayns hair a mess. Me and Liam both burst out laughing. "its not funny some girls decided she was going to rape my hair with her hand". Me and Liam laughed harder even Paul cracked a smile. "ok well lets go" I said walking tworards the elevator. When we got to the room I just opens the door not thinking about knocking, Harry looked up from sucking Louis' face, "guys get out!" Harry screamed throwing a pillow at us. I slammed the door shut and looked at the other boys wide eyed "maybe they should be doing that in their room not the living room" zayn just shrugged and walked back in through the door ignoring Harry's shoughts to leave. I laughed at how zayn just shrugged and said "get a room if you want privacy" I went to my room and sat on my bed documenting the day in my journal.
Sorry it's boring right now it's just getting started and I will have some chapters where it's just diary or just present time. And sorry I made Harry and Louis gay but I'm a Larry shipper so deal with it bitches jk but still "love is equal" and just for the record I do not think Harry or Louis are gay in real life just good friends I just made it this way for the story so I didn't have to have a lot of other characters (Taylor and Eleanor)
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