My guardian

Jess struggles to stay in this world. Every day she adds another blood stroke to her wrist canvas. Everybody calls her down and insults her. Nobody is trying to help her and she is trying to get away as fast as she can. She is 18.


5. Your wings are showing

"Harry I am ready!" I yell so that he can hear me out the door.
"You look beautiful, Jess. I told you it would fit perfectly!" Harry replies
"How you did that is astonishing!" I stated, amazed.
"Now to see if you can dance in those shoes..." Harry grabbed my hand in placed his other hand in the small of my back, pulling me closer. And started singing moments. We slow danced in Harry's bedroom for the duration of the song. Twirling, swirling, swaying, barely moving. It was perfect. It was at that very moment that I decided. I love My Guardian. When the song was finished, Harry leaned down and carefully pressed his lips against mine; waiting for a signal to advance. His soft lips brushed mine and I signaled him further by kissing back. His expert lips carefully opened mine and he slid his tongue into my mouth creating a dance between our two tongues. It was perfect, not sense of regret or wrongness, the kiss was perfect. Composed expertly in symphony with one another. Lips brush, tongues touch. It was Our Moment and it never needed to end.
*Louis coughs/clears his throat trying to interrupt our snogging* Harry and I both pull away while still remaining a very close distance to each other, staring at each other feeling our energys combine.
"Well Guardian and Queen, I hate to interrupt the bonding session but we need to go fact we are a smidge late thanks to you"
"Louis dont get you panties in a wad we are coming!" I retorted. Lou stomped off angrily.
"We'll babe," Harry started, "there is plenty of time for his later, and forever" he said winking at me with high amounts of satisfaction ringing in his tone.
"I would much rather you just call me Your Girlfriend" I hinted
"Finally!" Harry yelled in satisfaction.
"Hey babe, your Wings are showing!"
"Yours are too, Beautiful!"

**leave comments on what you think should happen to Harry and Jess's relationship. Write honest opinions please!**
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