My guardian

Jess struggles to stay in this world. Every day she adds another blood stroke to her wrist canvas. Everybody calls her down and insults her. Nobody is trying to help her and she is trying to get away as fast as she can. She is 18.


2. You dream of Freedom too?

"That'll be $26.00" finally only two more customers, one more paycheck and I will have my own place in London!
**Next customer comes up with an armful of food, drinks, etc.**
"Is there an apocalypse coming that I should know about?" I asked sarcastically
"Actually no, my friend eats a lot."he states. I take in his appearance, brown curly hair, beautiful green eyes, perfect smile with dimples, prominent collar bones,white t-shirt, and black skinny jeans. He has tattoos too...I love tattoos... I can see two sparrows tattooed on his chest.
"You dream of freedom too?" I ask
"Sometimes, yes, right now though...I just wish for the freedom of your shift. I would really like to talk to you." He says smoothly.
"I don't talk to strangers" I spit the words at him like venom. But he only smiles;
"We'll love, you are right now, and my name is Harry. Harry Styles. So now I am no longer a stranger, more of an acquaintance. So my dear, would you please allow me to take you to dinner?"
"Hi, I am only agreeing to this because I am hungry. Oh and by the way, your total is $45.64" he smiles and hands me a 50. I reach out to grab it and my sleeve pulls up an inch, revealing the cuts. His eyes open wide an he says:
"Now we must definitely speak, I need answers. How soon are you off?"
"Now" I say suddenly ashamed, why am I ashamed? I barely know this guy! Harry grabs his bags, walks around the counter and puts his arm around my shoulder.
"Babe,i was going to take you to the coffee shop, but now we are going to my house. No ifs ands or buts." I can't even respond, the pit in my stomach is now a deep abyss.
Harry asks "So Anon, what's your story"
"My name is Jess, and my story is.....
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