My guardian

Jess struggles to stay in this world. Every day she adds another blood stroke to her wrist canvas. Everybody calls her down and insults her. Nobody is trying to help her and she is trying to get away as fast as she can. She is 18.


3. Sparrows

"My name is Jess, and my story is.....when I was 13 my parents shipped me to London, they eventually stopped caring about me. They didnt notice when I would come home with a busted lip, or a black eye or even stitches. They wouldn't notice. So when I started cutting myself 4 years ago. I knew that they wouldn't notice. I tried taking my life once or twice but something kept stopping me. It was a sliver of hope, that one day, things would get better. I only have one thing in my life that makes me happy, and that's a sparrow. Freedom. Freedom makes me happy. I guess that maybe the reason that I agreed to talk with you was because you obviously loved sparrows too." Harry's eyes were filled with tears, each one threatening to fall at any given moment. He looked so sad, and the way he looked at me was like he was feeling my pain.
"Jess, oh my god I am so sorry! Is there anything I can do to make you stop?"
"Promise me protection" I whispered not thinking that he would hear
"I will. I do. I promise to protect you now and forever. I will be your guardian!" He said with tears streaming down his cheeks catching on the edge of his chin teetering, deciding whether to drop or slide down his neck.
"Harry don't, don't promise me that. I am destructive. Everything I love I hurt. Just drop me off here. You can't protect me" I was crying now too. With that statement he did an illegal u-turn and accelerated faster. When we stopped about 5 minutes later we were both still crying. Harry exited the car, slammed the door, and ran into the jewelry store. The pit in my stomach grew even deeper with every tear I watch him shed. Another person I have hurt. Through the window I see Harry crying and it makes me cry more. The sky even starts to cry. releasing a sad downpour. He exits the store 15 minutes later holding a rectangular jewelry box. He strides to the car gets in and looks at her. She takes in his now tired looking face, and the combination of tears and rain on his skin. Harry grabs her wrist and opens the box, fumbling with the clasp at the end of the bracelet he puts the silver chain and charms around her scarred and scabbed wrist. She admires the silver chain, and the sparrow charms.
"If I can't protect you, the sparrows will!"
"Harry you didn't have to. Why do you care anywa..."
"Because I care about you and don't want you hurting! I just want you to be happy! And you love sparrows so you won't injure yourself in their presence! Besides why do you harm yourself when sparrow symbolize Freedom! Freedom means no hurting!" Harry yelled hoarsely.
"I am sorry Harry!"
Harry ignites the engine and slowly drives us to his house. There is no intent of rush now. Just slowness. I stare at the sparrows on my wrist...he is right. About everything.
"Harry?" I ask
"Yes" he responds with a hint of anger still lingering in his tone.
"I promise not to hurt myself ever again, especially not in the presence of you." I whisper
Harry starts crying again, this time not of sadness, but of happiness, of hope, because he knows that she means it. He knows that he has saved her.
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