My guardian

Jess struggles to stay in this world. Every day she adds another blood stroke to her wrist canvas. Everybody calls her down and insults her. Nobody is trying to help her and she is trying to get away as fast as she can. She is 18.


4. Safety

When we arrive at Harry's house I am half sleeping so Harry carries me into the house bridal style. He sits down on the couch and places me gently over top of him, his thighs acting as a pillow while I sleep. His POLO black cologne reminds me of what my grandfather used to wear, it just eases me to sleep even more.
When I wake up I look up to see Harry staring at me, he notices me looking and looks up smiling.
"Why are you so cheery?" I ask
"cause 'she is beautiful when she sleeps' thus why Harold is smiling" Louis states matter of factly. Harry simply giggles and says
"Well it's true! She is absolutely beautiful and she looks so happy when she is sleeping!" Harry is grinning from ear to ear.
"Harry, what time is it? I'm hungry!" I ask changing the subject
"It's 8pm Mademoiselle, we are going to get dinner, oh and don't worry about clothing I already got Louis to pick it up for me!"
"How do you know it will fit?" I ask quizzically
"Trust me babe I know" Harry winks. Harry picks me up bridal style again and carries me up into his bedroom. And plops me on the bed "Wait one sec!" He says as he runs down the stairs grabs something covered in plastic and returns to the room. Holding a yellow, puffy escort cocktail dress.
"It's B E A U T I F U L Haz!"
"Please Jess, nothing can do justice to your beauty!" He flirts and bring me in for a hug and kisses both of my cheeks. "beautiful, we are going to a banquet for sick children, we provided a big donation. Please get dressed, love, oh i almost forgot i bought you silk gloves that go up to your elbows, i don't want the boys to freak out on you like i did. Harry grabs the back of my head and pulls me into a warm embrace, and kisses my forehead. My stomach flutters, is it possible that I love My Guardian? No way! Could it be?
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