My guardian

Jess struggles to stay in this world. Every day she adds another blood stroke to her wrist canvas. Everybody calls her down and insults her. Nobody is trying to help her and she is trying to get away as fast as she can. She is 18.


6. My Little Bird

Harry gently gave me a kiss on the cheek as he reached his hand out to me, a gesture to seal the bond of our relationship. I gladly accepted his gesture, and he whisked me down the stairs and out the door of his home...our home. We walked down the sidewalk bordering his lawn to get to the limo. The driver stepped out of the front of the vehicle to open the door but Harry declined the offer in an attempt to ravish me more than he already had. I greatly admired Harry's gentlemanliness, for the first time in my life I felt like I was the centre of someone's world. It made my heart skip beats everytime his hand would grab mine and he would rise it up to his lips and kiss my hand gently. My stomach would flutter with butterfly's everytime his smile would expand and his dimples would imprint into his cheeks. In the short time I had known Harry he had captured my heart. I was madly in love with Harry Styles, my guardian, my protector, my savior. Ever since meeting the green eyed boy I haven't had any desire to draw blood from my wrists. I had no desire to create a picture contrasting in red; contrasting with my blood. My thoughts were pulled back into reality when I heard the door handle lift, and the beat of the music drift through the now opened door. My noble guardian grinning as he knew my thoughts as he squeezed my hand reassuringly. I peered insde the long slick limo containing 4 beautiful boys and what I assumed was their 4 beautiful girlfriends. Liam was in a coral blazer and white t shirt with white pants and matching coral high tops. I assumed that he was coordinating with the curly haired brunette at his side, she was wearing a coral floor length gown that looked stunning on her, she introduced herself as Danielle. Next over was Louis in a baby blue dress shirt, black dress pants and black dress shoes. Matching him was a tall wavy haired brunette, introduced as Eleanor, she was wearing a floor length baby blue dress with black braided belt slung loosely around her hips complimenting her slight curves. Zayn was next in a white blazer sporting purple dress shirt underneath, white jeans and purple high tops. Accompanying the space with him was a petite short haired blonde, addressed as Perrie, wearing an edgy purple dress, that on anyone else would look terrible but she sported it easily. Then there was Niall, in a blood red blazer, white t shirt, white pants, and blood red high tops. Next to him was a beautiful girl with blazing red waves and a white and red floor length dress. She looked stunning as she introduces herself as Spinner. Everybody looked so beautiful! The elegant dress choices of the girls made me nervous as I felt underdressed, but Harry just laughed and squeezed my hand silently assuring me that I am to feel safe from my insecurity. I pecked his lips as a gesture of gratitude, immediately regretting it as Harry intensified the kiss. I heard chuckles from everyone as Eleanor giggled
"Get a room you two!" Two which Harry replied;
"We have a whole house!" Winking at me as the words fell off his tongue. He quietly started singing Little Bird lyrics to me:
"But if I kiss you will your mouth read this truth,
Darling how I miss you, strawberries taste how lips do,
And its not complete yet, mustn't get our feet wet,
Cause that leads to regret, diving in too soon,
And I'll owe it all to you, oh, my little bird.
My little bird."
And we started kissing in front of his friends again.
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