This Poem

This poem I wrote for you thinking only of you. Remember me as I think of you.


1. This Poem

I hold this poem in my hands

Thinking of you only

As I smile softly and thank you

For all that you me


My memories of you will never die

You bring such Peace and Joy

I want you to think of me

As I think of you


You come to my heart constantly

With understanding you come

Our certain space is the place

Our lives overlap


You are so important to my days

You are essential to the smile within me

So special to me you are'

I need to say that you are


In the words of the poem

I want you to remember forever

I need you to know today

Because this poem says something


It's not just because it comes from you

It's a special poem to me

That you wrote from your heart

I was holding in my hands

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