Taking Breaths


1. Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I don't see why a boy can't keep a diary. We have feelings too. We hurt, we cry, we can be emotional.  Its not just girls that feel heartbreak.  I've had a heartbreak recently but that's in the past, no point wasting pages on that right?

 I've never kept a diary before but since my Aunt Carrol got be this note book for my 14th birthday, why not? I guess I should start with my family.

There is me, mom, and Alex. Alex is my moms new husband, he hits me...hard. He tells my mom its harmless, rough-housing, but when she goes to work and he is home he drinks and hits me. He says if I tell mom he'll kill me and tell my mom I did it myself. "Why wouldn't she believe me?" He always asks. "Your a worthless little nobody, she'll just think you got tired of life!" 

He never hits me in the face, he can't leave bruises for mom to see, but most of my body is black and blue. Once he punched me so hard in the side it hurt to take a breath.


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