Taking Breaths


2. Alex

Dear Diary,

It's winter break, most kids would be thrilled but that means more time to spend with Alex. Today mom went shopping and left me home with Alex. He drank, and it was worst than usual. When he thinks that mom will be back  soon, he doesn't get drunk, but today he did.

First he called me out of the room, and he told me to sit next to him, so I did. For a while we just sat as he drank and the t.v. was a background noise to the blood pounding loudly in my ears from fear. Finally his beer was finished and he commanded another, so I got it for him, hoping that maybe if I did what he wanted he wouldn't hit me, but four beers later I realized I was wrong.

The first blow came from behind, into my back. He said I wasn't walking fast enough to get his beer. The second blow came to the stomach. Then I fell and they kept coming all over my body below my neck. When he finished I was barely conscious, he knelt by my face and whispered like always "Don't tell your mom or I'll kill you and tell her you did it yourself. She'll believe me, your a nobody, she will think you got tired of life."

After he walked away I laid there for a while, I could still smell his beer breath, before I passed out I remember thinking, some seriously messed up stuff must have happened to Alex Bernard to make him act like this, maybe he was a young abused boy too, just taking breaths like everyone else to survive.

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