Never Said I Didn't Love Them...

I was known for not liking One Direction, nothing about them. Until the chance of a life time of auditioning for them as one of their opening acts came up, my friend begged me to go. Then secrets reveal, romance rises, drama awaits and what used to be a concert, changed into something different.

Author's Note: I'm the main character and just saying I was inspired from the story Stole My Heart to create this totally un-related story. My friend is not made upjust saying. Hope You Like It! (;


7. Tour Time

Zayn's POV:

We got off of the plane when we arrived in England at 9:53 AM. "Great! We're late by 3 minutes!... not that big of a deal is it?" Liam said. "No, no it isn't." answered Louis. "Nope" Harry agreed. We walked to our next limo which was waiting for us at the airport. We climbed inside and this limo was much bigger than the one that took us to the airport in L.A.. The ride was silent, but strange, funny yet weird and kind of oddball. Niall had to go to the bathroom so bad that he was trying out methods to not go in his pants. Louis was playing with a stuffed carrot (Mackenzie gave it to him), Harry was playing video games on the tv, Liam was tweeting, My-Le and Aideen were about to watch the Adventurous Adventures of One Direction. I was bored so I decided to make Niall pee in his pants. "Hey Niall! You know what? You look pretty tense." I said. I quickly and carefully walked over to the small little cup shelf, grabbed a cup, filled it with water slowly right in front of Niall's face then went up to him. "You know what would help? A nice glass of wet, pure, fresh water. It will help. A lot." I said making the 'c' in 'nice' the 'ss' in 'glass' and the 'sh' in 'fresh' exaggerated.

"I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! LIMO DRIVER STOP!!!!!!!" he yelled. The driver stopped which spilled the water everywhere. He ran out of the limo, not bothering to even close the door, and ran into a restaurant. He walked out after ten minutes holding a plate of fortune cookies and seven bags filled with Chinese food. "Here you guys go." He said and gave one bag to each person. We all ate our food peacefully the rest of the ride. It was very strange.

We got to the hotel and walked into the lobby. "Hey! Isn't that the two bitches and the really nice directioner from the plane?" asked Aideen. "Yeah, it is. What are they doing?" My-Le said. "They're the other opening act" Louis said quickly. "WHAT?!" Aideen and My-Le shouted. "Hey! So happy that we got to see you guys again. Thanks for choosing us!!" Darcy said all perky. "Yeah, we would be much better than- don't want to say their names, but uh. The girls sitting with you guys on the plane." Carly said cocking her head towards My-Le and Aideen. "So, have they irritated you guys enough?" Carly asked. "No, not really." Niall said. "hmm" Darcy said glaring at the girls.


Aideen's POV:

When we got away from the Queen Bitches and the innocent and extremely nice servant, we went to our room. "Wait a minute..." I said. "This is the luxury deluxe suite! THIS IS OUR ROOM?!"I finished flipping out. "uhh, yeah." Niall said. "Cool!!!!!" My-Le said and we started flipping out excitedly. The boys laughed at us and I know that my face was getting red.  We stood in our room in silence for a whole 2 minutes until we claimed our beds. Their was a wall with four beds in it and three beds in the opposite wall. Me and My-Le went to the bottom two beds on the wall with the four beds, Louis and Niall went to the beds above us. Which left Liam, Zayn and Harry to the other three beds. 


After a few hours of unpacking, talking and taking turns showering, we went to go eat at the restaurant down the street. I changed into my white blouse, black tiered skirt and some cream flats. I curled my hair and grabbed my bag. We made it to the restaurant in COMPLETE silence. It was very awkward and strange. We ate dinner without a noise either. Same as when we went home, changed and went to bed. Except for that one moment of talking when we all said simultaneously, "Good Night." to each other at 10:54 PM then went to sleep. It was quiet except for the snoring that came from Harry, but that wasn't the only noise we heard. We wall woke up to the sound of a large crash and a girl saying 'ow' as quietly as she can.   She tried to run out fast but Louis clapped his hands twice and the lights came back on. Zayn whistled and the doors closed and locked. There stood Carly and Darcy. No sign of Mackenzie. "What were you guys doing in here?" My-Le asked. We all looked around and found graffiti paint dripping on the wall, belongings broken and clothes ripped and ruined.  "We will not answer any questions!" Darcy said. "Why did you do this to OUR stuff?" I asked pointing at me and My-Le. "Because, you don't deserve to be with One Direction. You guys are just a bunch of wannabe douche-brats who are obsessed with One Direction and admit it. It's obvious you guys have a crush on one of the boys!" Carly said. I felt myself blush and saw that My-Le was blushing to. "How about a deal? We will clean this WHOLE mess up, repair and fix everything and you guys new clothes if..."



Author's Note:

Hiii! I really like this chapter! I don't know why. I'm pretty lazy today so yeah. Thanks for reading and keep reading. Also, please read my other "movella" called: Follow Your Heart. THANKS!!<3 ~My-Le

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