Never Said I Didn't Love Them...

I was known for not liking One Direction, nothing about them. Until the chance of a life time of auditioning for them as one of their opening acts came up, my friend begged me to go. Then secrets reveal, romance rises, drama awaits and what used to be a concert, changed into something different.

Author's Note: I'm the main character and just saying I was inspired from the story Stole My Heart to create this totally un-related story. My friend is not made upjust saying. Hope You Like It! (;


2. Chit-Chat and Breaking News

Ch. 2

While we were sitting and eating our sandwiches and apples, we turned on the tv. "I'm bored." Liam sighed. Awkward...feels like deja vu! We flipped through channels until we found the news channel. "Breaking News!" The news reporter said. "ooooh" we all said simultaneously. "The story on how a little girl saves a baby duck from a tornado. Both alive, but one was a hero." the reporter finished. "Awwwwwe" we all simultaneously said. The duck was truly cute.


 Suddenly Harry's  phone rang. "Oh, I gotta take this, it's our manager." and with that he went upstairs. "So I've been wondering, who here like fancy restaurants?" Aideen asked them. They all nodded. "And who here likes laser tag?" I asked. "Why??" Zayn asked, nervously. Then harry came back. "Guys, we have to stay here for 2 weeks. Because our manager just said that the tour will be delayed." he said. "Just get dressed into something fancy, but not too fancy and make sure it's comfortable and you don't mind getting it dirty. And bring an extra pair of clothes." I said. "Then meet us down here when your done." Aideen finished for me. We all went up stairs. Liam,Harry,Zayn in the guest room, Louis and Niall in the bathroom, and Aideen and I in my room.

I had a walk-in closet with change rooms in it so I walked into one change room. I changed into  .I saw that Aideen was done and was wearing  ."You ready?" she asked. " yep." and we walked out being the last ones out. Everyone cheered and clapped for us excitedly. Everyone, except for the loudest, cookiest, funniest, oddball-ish guy in the whole band. Louis still cheered, but was less happy than the others. What's wrong with him?

We went out to Zayn's van and Aideen told him directions to Chucky Von Deetz. A fancy restaurant with a laser tag room. It's pretty awesome. We got there and since we had reservations we got our table quickly. We ordered food, ate it then we went into the laser tag room. "Count me out!! I'm too full." said Louis. "Okay, are you sure?" I asked. "You'll miss out on all the fun." "Yeah, I don't do well with full on sport action with a full stomach" he chuckled. "Okay, hope you feel better!" Aideen said. Something is wrong with him, I have to find out what it is wrong with him.

Half way through through the game, I left because I needed to know what's wrong with Louis. I saw him sitting on the table looking at his phone, tears rolling down his puffy eyes and his face slightly red. I couldn't bear to see him like this. I was about to cry. "What's wrong?" I asked him. "Nothing, really it's fine, you can join the game again." he said quietly. I really wasn't prepared for that. "No, I need to know what's wrong with you. Why your so sad and depressed, why your suddenly crying, why your not just enjoying life like you would." "Why do you care?" "Because I care...about you."

I haven't noticed that the game was over and everyone else was out listening to the whole conversation. "Well, who wants to go shopping?" Harry suggested. Everyone, except me and Louis, cheered. "I'm not up for it." Louis said and left the restaurant. "Well, I'm not going either." I followed him out of the restaurant.

~End Of Chapter~


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry it's too long (if you don't like chapters that are too long.) I actually need inspiration for the next chapter, so would you please help me? Thanks! 







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