Never Said I Didn't Love Them...

I was known for not liking One Direction, nothing about them. Until the chance of a life time of auditioning for them as one of their opening acts came up, my friend begged me to go. Then secrets reveal, romance rises, drama awaits and what used to be a concert, changed into something different.

Author's Note: I'm the main character and just saying I was inspired from the story Stole My Heart to create this totally un-related story. My friend is not made upjust saying. Hope You Like It! (;


4. Audition

I woke up the next morning at 8. Everyone else was still asleep. I decided to wake up and make breakfast. I threw on my red 1D hoodie on top of my purple tank. I walked out of my room quietly not to wake up Aideen. Today was the the day of the audition. It started at 11 and the boys have no idea Aideen and I are auditioning. While walking down the stairs I heard a noise downstairs. I walked slowly, and suspiciously. When I got to the kitchen I saw Louis sitting on the couch and watching tv while sipping on some tea. I poured myself a cup then sat beside him. "Woke up early, didn't you?" I asked. "Yeah." he replied unsurprised. "You know, me and Aideen are auditioning for the opening act. But, you guys don't have ot pick us. Just saying." I told him. I didn't want to make it weird for the rest of the people auditioning. "Oh, really?. You guys are good at singing?" He asked. "Well, I know we're at least ok." I said.t

"Well, I guess we'll have to find out!." He chuckled. Which forced a giggle out of me. "Well, I'm going to go wake Aideen up and get prepared for the Audition." I said. I stood up from the couch then walked out of the living room to go upstairs. I went into my room and saw Aideen sleeping so peacefully. If I was a friend, then I would tell her to wake up and bring some breakfast in for her. But I'm not her friend. I'm her BEST friend. So I went back downstairs, took a bottle of whipped cream from the fridge. Then went upstairs to my room again. Opened my small little treasure box and took out a feather. I wouldn't put whipped cream on one hand. I would put it in BOTH hands. Since if I do put it in one hand, then she can use the other one. So I squirted the whipped cream in both hand, and a small dollop of whipped cream on the feather. 

Then I took the feather and tickled her nose with the whipped creamed side. She took a hand and wiped her nose. Then her other hand. "AHHH!" she screamed, loud enough to wake the other guys up. Heck even the people in Alabama could here. "Sorry, had to wake you up. WE HAVE TO PEREPARE FOR THE AUDITION!" I told her. "Let's get you cleaned up." I ran into the bathroom and came back with a towel. After her face was whipped cream-less, We got changed in the change rooms. I changed into a sweatshirt that said DOPE on it, detailed skinny jeans, brown boots with a light blue belt and painted my nails light purple and added little makeup. I walked out and brushed my hair. 


Aideen then came out wearing a blue tank, coral off the shoulder crop top, a white toque, studded jean short shorts and a varsity jacket. Her nails painted the exact same colour as her crop top. She also had on a pair of green toms. We both added some accesories and grabbed our bags and headed out my room. The rest of the boys were out in the living room waiting for us. "You guys auditioning, eh?" Niall asked. "Yup! You guys don't-" "We know, we know. We will pick from our hearts." Liam said. "Wow, deep." Aideen said. We all walked out to the van. It was the usual seating arrangement. Zayn driving, Liam in the shotgunm, Harry and Niall sitting in the middle then Aideen, Louis and me sitting in the back.


We got to the studio and it was filled with girls. So we had to use the back door. We got into the auditioning room and me and Aideen got to stay there for 10 minutes, before we were asked to leave and get into the line. We got to cut into the middle of line. We started small talk with the girl in front of me. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. We got into a fight and One Direction came out, fighting against the screaming fans. The boys told the security guard to take the girl away. We were surprised. Then they went back into the room without a word.

~End of Chapter~



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