All these little things

"I look at you, and I would rather look at you then all the portraits in the world."
"Even the Polish Rider?"
"Yes, even the Polish Rider."


5. run aways

Everything seemed kind of slow motion. Mostly because I just witnessed Zayn kill someone, it wasn't something I saw everyday. Or anyone saw everyday for that matter. The air was a bit cold, making my eyes water from time to time. Zayn would look back at me every few seconds as we were walking to his car. His fingers were intertwined with mine, once again. "Where are we going?" I asked as we approached his old time Mustang. He looked up at me unlocking the car and got in. "America" he answered blankly. I was completely surprised. Questions were cluttering up my head. Then I remembered, Makenna would be flying to London Monday to visit me. I quickly dialed her number. "What are you doing?" Zayn questioned harshly. "I'm calling my friend and telling her not to come." Zayn started driving, his tone of voice kind of put me back but I quickly forgot about it when Makenna answered. "Noelle? Why are you calling? It's like 6 in the morning here. Is everything ok?" Her voice sounded tired, and I was started to feel bad that had woken her. "I'm sorry, something came up. You can't come to London." It broke my heart saying that to her. "What? Why? I already bought my plane ticket! Who are you with?" She asked sounding confused and a bit dissapointed. "I can't tell you why right now. I'm with Zayn" I heard her gasp and it hit me. I only told Makenna about the plane, I never told her about the library, or even the date. "It's such a long story." I said. The guilt was killing me. There was a long silence on the phone until it was broken my unsure words. "We'll pick you up" I tried to sound confident with what I said but it came out anything but. Zayn jerked his head towards me, looking heated. He sped the car up, clutching the wheel until his knuckles turned white. I could see the anger building up with what I had just said. "Really? But your in London. When!? I can't what to see you!" She was talking a mile a minute. "Enough with the questions! We'll be at your house early tomorrow morning around 3 or 4." I said giggling. We said out goodbyes and hung up. Zayn still was angry, I could tell. " I hope you know we're not picking her up. I Just fucking killed someone, were not taking any pit stops." He said harshly. "Ok. Than stop the car and let me out." I heard a click and looked over to see the doors were locked. "We're picking her up whether you like it or not" I said, confedence in my voice. Silence filled the car until we got to the airport. Zayn stepped out of the car and took both our bag out, then opened my door. There weren't many people in the airport. Which was good. Everything was a blur until we got on the plane. Thats when the deja vu hit me. I sat down next to Zayn, who I was fairly mad at with the way he was talking to me. I looked over at him, to see he was already staring at my, his head resting on the back of his seat. I quickly looked away. Eye contact for too long was just awkward. "Are you mad at me?" He asked. I looked over see him with the puppy dog face. "That doesn't work on me, and no." I said with no emotion, holding back a smile. He put his hand in mine and leaned towards me so his lips were hovering over my ear. "I know I've been moody. I'm just scared." he whispered before kissing my cheek and sitting back down in his seat. Goose bumps quickly formed on my arms. I heard him laugh. He knew the affect he had on me and he found it funny. I quickly changed the subject "Why are we going to America?" I asked. "One Direction never became big in America. So we'll have a better chance of not getting caught" He said in a hushed tone. I nodded my head. I started to feel my eyelids getting heavy so I leaned on to Zayn's chest, as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. He started running his finger up and down my arm, having me make an effort to keep my eyes open. "Sleep" He whispered in my hair. I closed my eyes while listening to his heart beat. I barely knew this guy, and he killed someone yet I still trusted him? I felt a sense of comfort with Zayn, even if he was harsh with his words every once in a while. All I knew was at that moment, I couldnt wait for tomorrow morning. Picking up Makenna would surely be eventful.

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