All these little things

"I look at you, and I would rather look at you then all the portraits in the world."
"Even the Polish Rider?"
"Yes, even the Polish Rider."


4. Open arms

I put on the last bit of my makeup before picking up my purse to head out the door. This would be the first time going to Zayn's house. Not much of an atmosphere to have a date, but I wasn't about to decline. I felt my phone buzz in the back of my pocket, and my heart practically skipped a beat. "Hello?" I asnwered. "I'm outside your dorm, love. Thought we could get some take out before heading to mine?" "Sounds great" I smiled and said I'd be right down. I was nervous. Actually, nervous was an understatment. I was utterly terrified. Everytime I was around Zayn I was at a loss of words, and the fact that, that could make this "date" awkward scared the hell out of me. The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was strange. I was surely overthinking, and before I knew it was down the stairs and Zayn was patiently waiting in a chair in the lobby. He looked adorable, scanning through a "womans world" magazine. "You enjoying that?" I chuckled while approaching him. He through the magazine on the table, his cheeks turning a light shade of red as he stood up. "Y-you look lovely" He stuttered. I smiled and lead the way out the door. As we were walking, he quickly closed the space between us by letting his arm drape around my waist. By then, my heart was beating a mile a minute, but I wouldn't dare let him notice, so I kept walking like nothing happened. We finally got to the Chinese restaurant and ordered about 60$ worth of food. A little much but hey, he had the money. The second we stepped foot out the door, his arm found my waist again, the bag of Chinese in his other. After ten minutes of walking, we got to his apartment. It was surprisingly clean for a 20 year old. He lead me to the kitchen were we got our chinese food, and had some movies layed out on the island. He decided with The Outsiders. I sat down on the couch, covered in blankets with my chopsticks and noodles in my hands. The lights were dim. I felt the couch shift and looked up to see Zayn finally taking a seat next to me. We both were silent for the first ten minutes of the movie. I tried as hard as I could to make it seem like I was actually paying attention, when Zayn finally broke the silence. "I'm really glad you're here, I usually do this alone" "Do what alone?" I asked, a bit confused. "Ya know, watch movies and eat. Its actually kinda depressing actually." I could hear the hurt in his voice and it practically broke my heart. Thats when I moved closer to him, so his arm was around me and my head was resting on his chest. He kissed my forhead gently and we continued the silence, watching the movie in complete comfort. Before I knew it, the movie was over and the boxes of chinese food empty. I was dreading the fact that it was already midnight and I had to leave. I wanted more than anything to stay and watch another movie but my roommate probably arrived, and it would only be fair to actually meet her. "What movie next, love?" He asked, with the cutest sleepy voice I have ever had the pleasure to here. I stood up, "I actually should get going, its a bit late." I said, sadly. His happy expression disappeared, as he stood up. "How about I walk you back to your dorm then?" He offered, and I gladly accepted. I grabbed my things and headed out the door. It was pitch black, and the moon shining through the darkness. Their was still quite a lot of people walking through the streets. Zayn intertwined our fingers together " I think I know a shortcut" He said guiding me down a smaller street where there was only a couple people hanging around. As we got closer to them I could see they were about the same age as Zayn, and they smelt of achohol. I held my breath as we past by them, Zayns hand still in mine. "Nice ass, baby" One of the boys said to me, his words slurred. Zayn stopped instantly and slowly turned around to face him."How about you fuck off?" Zayn said harshly. The boy reached for his pocket "Pretty boy's gotta temper I see" he said laughing to his friend. I was holding on to Zayns arm tightly preventing him from going after the drunken men. I failed at doing so and Zayn charged, pushing him to the ground. They boy he pushed had retreived a knife from his pocket. I gasped as Zayn started repeatedly punching him in the face. The friend had ran away like a coward by then. I was yelling at Zayn to stop before he killed the guy. He finally stood up blood trickleing from his lip, to see the drunk mans body wasn't moving. Zayn looked horrified. "I fucking killed him." He whispered, fear in his voice. We silently stared at the dead body in disbelief. "Leave. Go home." Zayn commanded. "No, I was apart of this. If I stay with you, or go home. Either away I'm going to jail aswell" I tried to sound strong. But I was scared to the point I wass shaking. "We're not going to jail." He said taking my hand as we ran back to his apartment. Once we got inside, Zayn took out two backpacks and started packing them with clothes, and necessaties. "Go into my room in the bottom left drawer, there, you'll see a blue bag. Bring it to me" He ordered. I went into his room and found the bag. Out of curiousity I looked inside. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were in it. I gasped at all the green. I walked back to zayn and handed him the bag. He handed me a backpack and grabbed his keys and lead me out the door, locking it behind him. I didn't even have to ask, I just knew. Me and Zayn were making a run from the law.

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