All these little things

"I look at you, and I would rather look at you then all the portraits in the world."
"Even the Polish Rider?"
"Yes, even the Polish Rider."


1. A different life

"Noelle" My Mother hums, tip toeing through my door "Its the big day honey, time to get up!" I pulled my blanket over my head, dreading the fact that I have to leave my home for nine whole months. "If you don't get up, you'll miss your flight. And that wouldn't be too much fun, would it?" I pulled the blanket off my face and slouched over the side of my bed "I dont wanna go mom" I whined. After all, I've lived in Connecticut my whole life, barely been out of the state. Nevermind the country. "This is the start of your whole life! and who knows, you might meet a boy." My mom said enthusiastically while opening the blinds. I giggled and stood up, stretching my entire body. I rustled through my draws til I found my favourite sheer pink blouse, to go along with some black leggings and white ballet flats. I sat those down on my messy bed and wen't to the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out, I took a good look in the mirror. Second guessing my trip to London "I could always take online classes" I whispered to myself. "Noelle! breakfast is ready!" The sound of my mom yelling made my chuckle. God I'd miss her. I leaped down the stairs and took a seat at the kitchen table, where she had a glass of orange juice and pancakes waiting for me. "You didn't have to do this" I smiled at my mom. "I have to get you pumped for the first day of your whole life, don't I? She said. I always admired my moms attitude. She always made the situation a bit brighter. I took a fork full of pancakes to my mouth and stood up, putting my hair into a messy bun "I should go pack" I said walking away "already done honey" My mom said giggling and pointing at my bags by the door. I smiled "Shall we leave then?" I barely got the words out, dreading every step towards the door. My mom rubbed my back as we stepped out and walked to the car. I lugged my bags into the trunk and took a seat in the front, next to my mom. I Brought my coffee up to my lips enjoying the warmth. The ride to the airport was silent, and thats what I loved about me and my moms relationship, we didn't need to have pointless conversation. We just understood eachother. When my mom parked the car, she didn't look up from the wheel. It was finally hitting her. Her little baby has grown up, and she hasn't realized until just now. We stepped out of the car and brought my bags through the door. After 5 minutes of waiting for my flight to be called, there is was. Me and my mom stood up and embraced eachother. I felt a lump in my throat. "I love you honey" she whispered through my hair. She pulled me off her, both her hands on my shoulder. "Have a great time" She said smiling. "I love you too, mom. And ill try" I giggled. I stepped through the doors, not looking back. Once I boarded the plane, I felt completely out of place. I took my seat trying not trying to make eye contact with anyone. I opended my laptop and got to writing. "Uhm, excuse me?" a rough voice said. I looked up and almost choked on the air I was breathing. Zayn Malik, a singer from my favourite band as a young teen was standing in front of me. "You alright?" He chuckled. I was at a loss of words. "I think you're in my seat." he said rather blankly. "S-sorry" I whispered as I stood up and took the seat next to his. I continued to stare at my screen, trying to not make it seem like all my attention was on him, which it was. But I felt his eyes practically burning holes through me. "You know of me?" he said with a cheeky smile. He could tell that I was nervous, and he was making this a game for his own amusment. I could already tell this plane ride would be very eventful.

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