I'm in Love with Harry Styles

Life for Abby is hard enough. She has a secret crush, that she even keeps from herself, she has a horrible relationship with her father-for reasons she really doesn't like to talk about- and to make matters worse her best girl friend, Kayla, is keeping a secret that could cost her her life. Harry Styles, has a better life. His best friends aren't keeping any secrets from him, and he's in love with a fabulous girl. Too bad she doesn't know! Falling in love in their lives couldn't possibly be easy, especially with Harry going to audition for The X Factor and he and his friends become the most famous boyband in the world. Do you want to know if their love can survive being One Direction?


6. I'm in Love with Harry Styles- Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Louis lets it slip
Louis’ POV
Unknowing to Abby and Harry, I saw them in the music room. I saw them about to kiss. Seeing two of your best friends, almost about to kiss, when you might just maybe see her as more than just a sister or friend, is not exactly something you want to see.
I left the music room, my heart clenched and stomped on, feeling broken and defeated. He had asked her to the formal before I could. He won, he got the girl. Just like always. But I knew that ever since he met her, he wasn’t his usual self.
See, Harry Styles was a player. He “loves” one girl for a minute, and then the next girl he sees, he “loves” her too. But with Abby it was different. I knew it was. He knew it was. Did she? Did Liam? No. He used so many girls, and the second nerdy little Abby joined us in our freshman year, he was literally head over heels in love. He could barely speak in front of her, he stared after her when she passed by in the hallways, he would sit kind of near her at lunch so he could just be by her. His whole life revolved around the abused cheerleader who every guy in school wanted, but knew they couldn’t have. And what do they do when they can’t have? They poke, prod and make fun of. Just like elementary school and a playground crush.
And I wanted what he now had, just like every guy at school. And now no one could have it, because Harry Styles would never, never let her go.
I made my way to my next class, unaware of the people around me, their shoving, bumping, and cursing until I had bumped into someone. I snapped out of my haze and saw a girl, with brown curly hair, and streaks of blonde in it as well. She had caramel colored eyes, very close to the color of mine, in fact, and she wore a simple summer dress, strapless and white, with black knee high boots. Her bag, a black purse, had spilled it’s contents and people just kept on rushing by, hurrying to get to their next class. But this girl, this girl....
“I’m sorry, love,” I said, bending down and helping her pick her things up.
“I don’t need your help,” she snapped at me, slapping my hand away and glaring at me. She took her things, and left, leaving me to stare after her.
I decided she has just had a bad day and needed to be left alone, as a lot of girls here loved when I talked to them. Shaking my head I realized the halls were mostly empty now and I stood up, making sure I looked where I was going this time, Abby and Harry far from my mind, and the mystery girl I had just met taking it full speed ahead.
I rushed to my next class, joining the hustle and bustle in the commons and I spotted Abby ahead of me, Harry running after her. I felt my heart clench again and I turned away. How could I keep my promise that no one would hurt her anymore when I could hardly look at her without my heart breaking? Some best friend I’m turning out to be.
Maybe it will be better for her when I leave for the X-Factor and I won’t see her. My heart won’t break everyday and she won’t have to deal with me as a friend any longer. Maybe I should distance myself from her now, so it’s easier for me as well as her. I turned the corner into the 400 wing and I felt my heart sink. Liam’s girlfriend, Melanie, who seemed as deeply in love with him as he was with her, was full on making out with a guy named Ryan Hardwell. She was cheating on him!
I cleared my throat loudly and she stopped. Her eyes widened when she saw me, my eyes narrowed into slits and my hands in fists. “What is this,” I demanded.
“Louis! H-he kissed me! Against my will!” She screamed, running over to me. I backed away from her, grabbed Ryan by his shirt and threw him away telling him if I saw him again, he would be in load of hurt.
“No, Melanie, he didn’t. How dare you cheat on Liam! He’s been nothing but loyal to you!”
“Louis! Please, I promise, I-”
“Save it. I should tell Liam, I really should,” I said, but my anger at her was slowly fading as the hurt in my heart over Abby came back and I softened up. "I'll give you this one warning. One. I catch you doing this again, or if I hear anything saying you were kissing someone else, Liam finds out."
She smiled at me, seemingly innocent but I could see something else in her eyes. "Thank you!" she said and ran off to class. The bell rang and I sighed, heading to class, knowing I, along with many others, would be late.
The school day mercifully ended, and I slinked out of school, my shoulders hunched, my heart still crushed and depressed. Liam and Harry were walked beside me, happily chatting about football practice and the winter formal. Were they serious? And, in my fit of heartbreak and for whatever reason, my feelings of betrayal, I told her secret.
“She’s abused!” I screamed loudly, and then slapped my hand over my mouth.
“What?” Harry said, stopping and looking at me, his head cocking to the side like a little puppy. "Who's abused?"
My eyes widened as she and Kayla walked past, talking about nothing and everything. It must have dawned on Harry who I meant by "she."
"Abby's abused?" he asked, his voice, though trying to keep quiet, was loud. Loud enough for her to hear.
I saw her freeze ten feet away, Kayla staring at her asking what was wrong, and then she slowly turned around. Her normally kind face, fuming. Her blue eyes no longer sparking, her hands in fists.
She marched towards us, and I could see the steam coming from her ears. Harry tried to talk to her when she reached us but she silenced him.
"You told," she said, anger prominent in her voice, and well everything. "You told! You betrayed me just like Olivia!"
"Abby, I-"
"Go on. Try to explain your way out of this. I dare you." Her eyes narrowed and her hands were shaking at her side.
I just bowed my head and she screamed. Not an angry scream. A scream of despair. Like she was wounded. Like she was crying. I looked up and realized I was right. She was crying, her head on Harry's chest, soaking his shirt with tears.
"Abby, I'm- I'm sorry! I didn't mean to tell-"
"Save it, Lou," She said, "I don't want to hear it. Let’s go, Kayla."
I watched her walk away, shoulders down, her peppy attitude gone, her spunk, all of it. Because I, her best friend, told her secret. And why? Because I was jealous. I’m pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. I turned away from Harry and Liam, running from them, tears on my face, my mind plagued with guilt. I heard Harry running after me, but I couldn’t bother to stop and talk to him. I just kept on running.
Harry’s POV
Liam, Louis and I walked out of school together, Louis seeming downcast, and Liam and I chatting happily, tossing a football. As our conversation drifted towards the formal and our dates, Louis yelled as loudly as I knew he could, “She’s abused!”
I stopped and saw Lou slap his hands over his mouth, his eyes becoming wide and shaking his head a little like he couldn’t believe what he had just said. “What? Who’s abused?” I asked confused.
I heard Abby and her friend talking as they passed us and my heart nearly stopped. Not the normal way it does when I see her, but like a cold, realizing stop. I knew who he meant. “Abby’s abused?” I asked.
Suddenly, she was over by us, fuming about how Louis had betrayed her, and then she cried into my chest before telling him to shove off. I stared at her as she left, and then when I turned to Lou, he was running in the other direction, away from us. I ran after him before I realized that whenever Lou did this, he wanted to be alone. So I let him to just that. I turned around and went back to Liam.
“Tell Coach I got sick okay? I have to go talk to Abby,” I said, looking him in the eye and he smiled a little.
“Hey, she’s my friend too, I’m coming with,” Liam said, determined to get his way.
“No, Liam, I need-”
“I care about her to! If she really is abused it’s now just as much my responsibility to help her out of it as it is yours!”
I could tell he was serious, so with a big sigh, I nodded. We walked quickly to my car, snow crunching under our feet, some strong leaves still clinging onto the mostly brown stick trees. I wrapped myself into my jacket as wind rushed by, my brown curls that went everywhere blew behind me, my green eyes watering from the cold and from something else too.
We drove to her house in silence. Both of us tense, not knowing what to say, just knowing we had to help Abby. If we didn’t- well who would? Louis hadn’t helped her! And how long had he known? I was going to kill him!
It all made so my sense though! The day he took her home early and had a panic attack. The bruises I faintly saw after football practice when it had rained. The reason for Louis never left her side. He was protecting her from other threats, when the threat is in her own house!
I felt my hands curl tightly around the steering wheel of my car, my knuckles turning white and my eyes narrowing dangerously. How dare he not help, how dare he keep it a secret!
“Haz,” Liam said, putting his arm on my shoulder, snapping me out of whatever anger I had just succomed to.
“Sorry,” I said, pulling into her driveway. “I just can’t help but be angry about this. Why wouldn’t she tell me?”
“Because she doesn’t know if you are for real or if you are just playing her, like the Harry Styles everyone knows you to be,” Liam said.
He could be so like a dad! Always knowing what to say, keeping you in line, getting angry at you for good reasons, and just being there when you needed him. Unless spoons are involved. He’s a dad with a phobia of spoons. I mean really, who’s afraid of spoons?
“Uh, Harry, you gonna get out of the car?”
I looked us and saw Liam climbing out, and closing his door. I nodded and followed him, climbing up the stairs and marching myself right up to her front door.
I took a breath, breath in and out, I thought to myself. In and out. I nodded and knocked three times on her blue door.
I could hear footsteps faintly, and then they got louder. Like she was far away in her house, but how big could it be? The door opened but it wasn’t Abby at the door. Instead it was a woman, about as old as my mom, wearing sweats and an old t-shirt, her black hair up in a bun and her blue eyes sparkling with wonder and happiness.
“Yes?” She asked, her American accent prominent.
“Uh, hello. I’m Harry Styles, and this is Liam Payne. I was wondering if we could talk to Abby?”
“Oh, could you be the Harry who asked her to the dance? Are you two going to discuss plans for that?” She asked her eyes wide, like she was begging the answer to be yes. But I couldn’t lie to her, or I could partially tell the truth.
“Yes, just going to discuss a few things, iron out some details and Liam just wanted to say hello,” I say, looking back at him to say ‘play along.’
“Oh, well, come on in, she isn’t here right now, she’s dropping her friend off at home but she should be here soon, could I interest you boys in some food?”
Liam and I nodded eagerly, big appetite coming through. She motioned for us to sit down at the island as she prepared us our snack. She placed two bowls of chicken noodle soup in front of us and I saw Liam pale. He knew what she would place in front of us next. She put the spoons next to us and Liam shook his head, standing up and walking away from the island.
“Liam? What’s the matter?” Abby’s mom asked, confused.
A hearty chuckle escaped my lips as she approached him with the soup and spoon in hand. He screamed this time and ran into the living room. I abandoned my soup and followed, putting my hand on her shoulder to stop her from getting closer.
“What’s wrong with him?” She asked. “Should I contact his parents?”
I laughed, “ No, no, he just,” I laughed more and tried to calm myself as I explained. “He’s afraid of spoons.”
“Afraid of spoons?”
He nodded and her eyes widened. She ran into the kitchen, throwing the spoon in the dishwasher and slamming it shut. That closed louder than I thought it would. I turned my head to see Abby had just walked in the door. Her beautiful brown eyes, rimmed with red and her cheeks puffy and splotchy to show she had been crying.
She shook her head when she saw me and hid her face in her hands, fresh tears coming and she ran up the stairs. Liam and I followed quickly, not leaving more than one inch of space between us. Man I was wrong- her house is huge!


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