I'm in Love with Harry Styles

Life for Abby is hard enough. She has a secret crush, that she even keeps from herself, she has a horrible relationship with her father-for reasons she really doesn't like to talk about- and to make matters worse her best girl friend, Kayla, is keeping a secret that could cost her her life. Harry Styles, has a better life. His best friends aren't keeping any secrets from him, and he's in love with a fabulous girl. Too bad she doesn't know! Falling in love in their lives couldn't possibly be easy, especially with Harry going to audition for The X Factor and he and his friends become the most famous boyband in the world. Do you want to know if their love can survive being One Direction?


11. I'm in Love with Harry Styles- Chapter 11

Chapter 11- One Month of being One Direction
Abby’s POV

Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, who are they? Ask any teenage girl and they can answer with a loud “ONE DIRECTION!!!!” Third place on the X-Factor and thousands of screaming fans hoping to be the girl of their dreams. It has been one month since the boys placed third in the competition, and let me tell you, it’s not easy dating a member of One Direction- the world famous boy band.
I mean, yeah Harry is still the same old Harry, but I can tell the fame gets to him sometimes. He’ll forget he’s a normal guy with a normal girlfriend whose living in the house her parents died in. He forgets and I have to bring him back down to earth- more often than you would think I would have to.
He’s out at the recording studio with the boys today, so I decided I would go visit an old friend. I couldn’t tell you how long it had been since she died. I couldn’t tell you the day. I couldn’t tell you the time. Some best friend I am right? All I know is it had been far too long since I visited her grave.
It was midsummer, so I decided to wear a pair of black shorts, my combat boots, and a green tee-shirt with my golden cross necklace and a large grey hoodie. I grabbed my purse from my desk and went to the florist, purchasing a bouquet of roses, keeping my Ray-Bans on the entire time. Harry had been worried about the paparazzi bombarding me. They had already cornered me after One Direction started getting big and I had been asked about my parents death, if I was pregnant with Harry’s and Niall’s child, asking if I was having a secret relationship with Liam and how Zayn felt about my unreturned love. You could say my panic attack didn’t go unnoticed by the news.
I pulled into the cemetery, almost forgetting what I was doing here. I saw the roses and remembered I was here for Kayla. I tossed my iPhone in my bag as I parked my car. I didn’t want interruptions when I was here today. It was just me and Kayla. Forget Harry, forget One Direction, and forget being the girlfriend of a super star.
Today, I was girl who lost her best friend.
I made my way over to her grave, not noticing that there was a black van parked next to my car, and not noticing the people with cameras climb out and follow me. 
I made my way over to Kayla's grave, laying a single rose on her head stone. "I wish I knew what happened..." I whispered. I was still grieving. Harry didn't know. He thought I was just sad that he wasn't able to be with me all the time. He noticed small marks on my wrist. Red like fire. It sure as hell burned like fire when I did that. 
I blamed it on my friends kitten, saying I was fine and nothing was wrong but Harry wasnt stupid. He would figure it out. 
I lay my head between my knees right when the first question was fired. 
"How are you dealing with Harry and Ashley's relationship?" 
After that, they just kept coming. It was like rapid fire. 
"How are you dealing with Kayla's murder?" 
"Is it true you killed her?"
"Are you carrying Zayn's baby?!" 
"ENOUGH!" I screamed. "Enough, enough, enough! I'm tired of your damn questions. I'm tired of ALL OF YOU!" I ran. I ran to my car, and threw myself inside of it, locking the doors and driving away. I checked my phone as I pulled into my driveway. 
Harry Boo xx- five missed calls 
Harry Boo xx- 13 unread text messages 
Liyum- two unread messages 
Niallater- four unread messages 

I opened the messages from Harry first. 

Harry Boo xx

Babe where are you? 
Are you okay? 
Babe answer me. 
I'm leaving the studio. Call me. 
Baby I'm worried please
Abby! Call me! 
Where are you! 
If you don't call me in ten minutes, I'm hunting you down 
Baby, please, I'm worried. 
All of us are worried. 
Just tell me if you're okay 
I love you, please. Call me. 

Then from Liam

Abby, Harry's really worried. Call us. 

And lastly from Niall. 

Nando's for lunch? 
Harry's freaking out- where you at? 

I felt the tears stream down my cheeks and I wished in that moment to be in Harry's arms, him stroking my hair and saying it was all going to be okay. 

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