I'm in Love with Harry Styles

Life for Abby is hard enough. She has a secret crush, that she even keeps from herself, she has a horrible relationship with her father-for reasons she really doesn't like to talk about- and to make matters worse her best girl friend, Kayla, is keeping a secret that could cost her her life. Harry Styles, has a better life. His best friends aren't keeping any secrets from him, and he's in love with a fabulous girl. Too bad she doesn't know! Falling in love in their lives couldn't possibly be easy, especially with Harry going to audition for The X Factor and he and his friends become the most famous boyband in the world. Do you want to know if their love can survive being One Direction?


10. I'm in Love with Harry Styles- Chapter 10

Chapter 10:  You get all of me
Abby’s POV
As Harry pulled into the school, I grabbed his hand. He looked at me, his curls flopping in his face, and his head tilted to the side. “Abby?”
“What if Dad does something....”
Harry pulled me close and kissed the top of my head. “She’ll be okay, I promise.”
“I’m afraid of him, Harry. I shouldn’t be afraid of my own father,” I sighed.
“Come on, lets go,” Harry said putting his seat belt back on.
“W-where are we...?”
“Your house. We are getting your mom, and your stuff. You aren’t staying there anymore.”
“Harry! Harry- no! He’s drunk,” I pleaded.
But it was too late, Harry had already started the car and drove away from the school, from the dance that we had been so looking forward to. We were at my house in a matter of minutes. I was terrified. As we climbed out of the car, carefully shutting the doors, I heard yelling from deep within the house. I couldn't stop the shiver than ran up my spine. Harry put his arms around me and he started leading us to the door. The yelling became more clear and I could understand what was being said.
"No! You are not leaving!" My father yelled.
"Abby and I cannot stay in this house! We can not stay with you!"
Then there was an audible smack.
I ran from Harry and burst into the house. "MOM!" I screamed. The door upstairs slammed open and I heard pounding footsteps coming down the stairs. Harry burst in behind me as my father made it to me. Before he could lay a finger on me, Harry had him pinned against the far wall.
Tears sprang into my eyes as I watched my father try to his Harry. I knew I was having the beginnings of a panic attack. I fell to the floor, a searing pain shooting through my knees and I screamed out. Harry's head whipped around and I noticed what caused me the pain. On the floor were shards of a broken beer bottle. The beer foamed around my knees, turning blood red. I whimpered and tried to stand up. But I found another thing making it difficult. My hip felt like it was on fire. "Harry!" I cried out. He came over to me in an instant and ran up to my room, locking the balcony and my main door. "Harry, what are you-" I stopped talking the second my shoes and tights were ripped off of me. Next came the dress, and then he picked me up again, carrying me up to my closet and pulling a dressing gown onto my basically naked body.
"I'm sorry," Harry quietly spoke.
"For what?" I asked, breathing through my teeth as my hip hurt and Harry cleaned the wounds on my knees.
"I- I checked on your mother....."
"Is she okay? I need to talk to her, she shouldn't have provoked him!"
"That's the things babe... It... It was too late to save her."
Harry went on to explain that my mother had been hit on the head with something heavy and she was lying on the floor of her room without a pulse. My father had killed her, and Now as I looked out on the driveway I saw him running in the distance I couldn't even stomach the thought of the fact that my father who  was supposed to love my mother with everything he had killed her. Tears streamed down my face and Harry once again spoke. "Please don't cry babe. Please, please don't."
But I was numb. I couldn't really hear him. I saw his lips move. I saw the panic in his beautiful green eyes. I saw the love, the worry, the lust that he had. All for me. He was all mine. And suddenly, I didn't care about the pain in my hip, I didn't care about my bleeding knees. In that moment all I wanted was Harry. To give him everything. So as I crushed my lips onto his, I tried to say that with my kiss. He pulled back slightly and said, "Are you sure?" So I got my point across.
I nodded again and placed my lips back onto his. He lifted me and took me to the window seat I had in my upstairs. He lay me down and then climbed ontop of me.
I put everything but Harry as far from my mind as possible as I watched him open the condom and I gave myself to him.
One Week Before Auditions
Months passed since Harry and I had sex for the first time. I may have temporarily displaced my hip but giving myself to him, even in that situation, and on that day.... It was still worth it.
Now I lived with Harry. Him and his family needed more space, and I offered to let them live with me. Harry was more than happy when his parents said they would gladly move in. He took the room next to mine, his sister took the old master suit, and his parents remodeled the basement to make it a large master suit. They helped us make the small bathroom large enough for the both of us, so now it carries into the guest room. The shower is now walk in stone with four shower heads. The tub is tucked in the corner and may as well be a hot tub, the vanity is filled with new cosmetics, hair treatments, lotions, perfumes and nail polish. That is probably my favorite part.
Harry turned the old living room into a music area so he could practice and make sure he was ready for auditions in a week. No matter how worried he was, I knew he would make it on. He had an amazing voice.
Today, Harry had set aside two hours to be with me before he had to cram in APX and practicing for try outs. I had bought some very very sexy lingeré for today, because I, after many months of not having sex, decided I would make today as special for him as possible.
Only problem is.... He never came home. I called him multiple times, texted him, and finally after having not one single response from him, gave up. I curled in my blankets and fell asleep right there, not bothering to change.
I woke up late at night, feeling someone climb on my bed with me. No one could see through the solid curtains, and I heard Harry's husky voice. "Hey babe," he whispered.
I rolled over and curled my body against his, my head resting on his chest, and I fell asleep there, remembering that tomorrow we would be getting in line with Harry for his X Factor auditions, and that after that, I may never see him again.
The next day was a rush. We were running around, packing a lunch each, and making sure we were dressed semi warm. But as I didn't get cold, I wore the matching X-Factor shirts we had made to show our support of Harry and a pair of denim mini shorts. I was comfy, and with Harry's help, I was confident that I looked good.
We ran out the door and drove to where we needed to be, discovering that the line was already a mile long. This was going to be a long wait but it was going to be worth it. Harry would get the yes’ he needed to get in and he would show everyone he could do it. He would show them all that he was more than the boneheaded football player they thought he was.
He pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear, “This will be good for us baby.”
We didn’t know then just how right he was.

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