Unknown Love

Lily is just an average high schooler.She is pretty good in all her classes and has a lot of friends.But, there is one friend that stands out,Josh.She likes him but,is too afraid to admit it.Then she meets Erik,Josh's best friend.She believes it's love at first sight.Would she choose a longtime friend or a guy she just met?


4. New Kid

//Two Weeks Later//

Erik's P.O.V

  "Right this way young man,"says the principal.I was the new kid.I know it's been two weeks but,I just moved here two days ago."Okay,now you behave and I welcome your to our school."I smile and then walk into my class."This is an example of diff-"says the teacher.He see's me and I just stand there while he looks over my schedule."Okay,student's this is our new student."

Lily's P.O.V

  "Would you like to introduce yourself."The boy seemed nervous.I don't blame him."Hey,my name is Erik."says the boy.I look over next to me and realize that Katherine didn't come today."Erik you can sit next to Lily for today."He walked over and sat next to me.He seemed so,serious."Hi,"I said."Hi,"he answers back.I got to know him.He seemed nice.I fell in love.Hold up,i'm in love,with a boy I just met?Okay,am I feeling good today?

Erik's P.O.V

She was beautiful.She had beautiful hazel eyes and long,dark,hair.I felt as if I were in love."Are you coming or not,"asks Lily.Oh I totally forgot that she was taking me to meet her friends.Her friends were nice.I sort of liked Daniella.Nothing serious,she just was very nice and we had common interests.Anyways,I became really good friends with Josh.He was awesome.We were becoming really good friends.

Lily's P.O.V

Hey look I just got Erik two new best friends,Josh and Stephan.I thought about it and realized this was a bad idea.



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