Unknown Love

Lily is just an average high schooler.She is pretty good in all her classes and has a lot of friends.But, there is one friend that stands out,Josh.She likes him but,is too afraid to admit it.Then she meets Erik,Josh's best friend.She believes it's love at first sight.Would she choose a longtime friend or a guy she just met?


5. I can't take my mind off her

Lily's P.O.V

"This isn't bad,it's actually good for him,"says Katherine.This wasn't good.I like both of the guys,it's just awkward.Katherine kept talking and talking.I took out my phone and headphones and started listening to One Direction."Did youhear a word i just said,"she asked.Iturned around. "What did you say,"I ask.She seemed mad."I said what if you find them both girlfriends then,things won't be awkward.I didn't like the idea.I mean I like them both.

Erik's P.O.V

She was lovely.I couldn't get her off my mind.Today Josh took me to the mall.We got close."So,who at school do you like,"I ask Josh.He kept walking.He seemed nervous when I asked him the question.I asked again.This time he responded."I like Lily,"he said.I stood still.I can't believe it.Well,this is awkward.Should I tell him tha i like


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