Unknown Love

Lily is just an average high schooler.She is pretty good in all her classes and has a lot of friends.But, there is one friend that stands out,Josh.She likes him but,is too afraid to admit it.Then she meets Erik,Josh's best friend.She believes it's love at first sight.Would she choose a longtime friend or a guy she just met?


2. Getting ready

Lily's P.O.V

  Beep,Beep.I roll over to turn off my alarm.I'm tired.I don't want to go back to school.Just as I go back to sleep there is a knock at the door."Wake up sleepy head,"says the person.Hmm,This voice sounds familiar.I can't put my finger on it."Go away,"I reply."C'mon we need to get you ready,"she responds.It's my friend Katherine."Lets pick out your clothes,"she tells me,"We have to make you look gorgeous!"

  Easy for her to say.She looks like the goddess Aphrodite, I look like Frankenstine's wife."Okay let's seee what you have,"she says looking through my drawers and closet."Here wear this,"she said handed me ripped skinny jeans,a white tee-shirt,and some converse.I head to the bathroom to change."Wow you look pretty," she says with a smile."Make up and hair is next." Good luck,I don't have make up.

 Katherine's P.O.V

  Well, I did Lily's hair in a nice braid.Not much make up,only mascara and blush with a light pink eyeshadow."Are you done yet,"she asks."Wait up let me do a final touch,"I answered putting a nice white bow in her hair."Okay ready to go,"I ask."Yea let me just get my binder," she answers. After that we go.


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