Unknown Love

Lily is just an average high schooler.She is pretty good in all her classes and has a lot of friends.But, there is one friend that stands out,Josh.She likes him but,is too afraid to admit it.Then she meets Erik,Josh's best friend.She believes it's love at first sight.Would she choose a longtime friend or a guy she just met?


3. First Day Back

Lily's P.O.V

"Okay,let's check our schedule's,"says Katherine.We check them,turns out we only have Science together."It's fine,"I say,"We are still BFFL,right,"I ask."Yea,we are,"she respons,"Hey let's go find Josh,"she suggests.I nodd in agreement.

Josh's P.O.V

"C'mon let me see your schedule."I ask."Why do you want to,"reply's Stephan.I could see Lily waving at us.I couldn't help but smile.She was gorgeous."Hey,"she said with a smile.Katherine gave her boyfriend,Stephan,a hug.I wish I had a girlfriend.I hope this is my lucky year.

"So,how are you,"asked Lily."Fine,how about you?"She seemed to be looking for someone.She turned around and said,"Um,I kind of have to go,"she said.Why did she want to leave really soon."Okay then b-"She was gone.I couldn't even finish my goodbye.Should I be worried?

Katherine's P.O.V

"I'll be right back,"I told Sephan and Josh.I didn't want to leave but,Lily is my best friend.I found her."Why did you run,"I ask."No reason,I was looking for Daniella and Jasmine,"she replies.In case you don't know,Daniella and Jasmine are our friends.Jasmine dated a guy named Hercules but,sadly he moved.Anyways,they arrived.The bell rang and we all went off to our classes.



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