Unknown Love

Lily is just an average high schooler.She is pretty good in all her classes and has a lot of friends.But, there is one friend that stands out,Josh.She likes him but,is too afraid to admit it.Then she meets Erik,Josh's best friend.She believes it's love at first sight.Would she choose a longtime friend or a guy she just met?


1. The Beginning

Lily's P.O.V

  Hey,my name's Lily.My life has never been easy,but my best friend Josh has always helped me through tough times. Okay, I have a friend named Katherine who is like my sister. There is one problem in my life right now, choosing between my best friend Josh and, my love at first Erik.I'm confused.

Josh's P.O.V

  Hey guys. So, my name's Josh.I'm Lily's friend and we are really close. There is one thing i would like to tell her.I want to tell her that I loved her the day I met her.I'm just scared to be rejected.What should I do?

Erik's P.O.V

  What up?Name's Erik. Well, Josh and I are brothers for life. We can count on each other.But,when we both fall for the same girl,things get tricky.I have to admit I thought it was love at first sight.How can I tell her I love her with out breaking my best friends heart?







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