Everything You Do Is Magic

All Elise wanted was a normal life. Her parents got divorced when she was 6. She switched houses every week since they both stayed in the same town. London. But every time she was at her dad's, it seemed like he just had a new girl. Elise started to believe that love was just to be had in fairy tales. Until she met a cute, blonde Irish boy. Niall Horan.


2. Meeting Niall

Elise's POV

The next second, I ran into him, pushing us both over to the ground. "SHIT!" I am so sorry! I didn't see you! I just got lost in my music. So sorry!" I tried to explain. "No it's fine. It's me who didn't notice you. So sorry for that," a sweet Irish voice spoke to me. We both got up and I noticed I couldn't as a sharp pain ran up my leg. "God damn it..." I mumbled. I sat back to the ground. "Oh my God. Are you okay?" the Irish boy asked me. I looked up to see a cute, no hot, blonde haired boy with innocent looking blue eyes. No Elise. You can't fall for him. You just met him. Think about what happened with Josh. "Yeah I think so. Probably just a sprained ankle," I told him. He tried to help me up and I realized I really couldn't get up as I yelped out in pain. "No it's not just sprained. Here let me take you back to my flat. I'll drive you to the hospital," the still unnamed Irish boy said to me. I didn't argue considering I couldn't get up and I didn't have my phone on me. He picked me up and started carrying me down the street.

"So Irish boy" He smiled when I said that. "Yes?" he answered. "I never got your name and here you are being my knight in shiny armour." He let out a little laugh at that. "Niall. I'm Niall Horan. And you?" Damn. Hot name for a hot guy. "I'm Elise Costello." He adjusted me in his arms and I could feel he had muscle. Geez. So far this Niall guy was a perfect 10. No, snap out of it Elise. "That's a beautiful name," Niall said to me. I'm glad it was dark because I swear I was tomato red. "Why thank you," was all I could choke up. 

We got to his front door. "I have to warn you. Right now I have 4 very crazy boys in my flat right now. I hope you don't mind." Hm. I wondered why. "No, it's fine. I grew up with a brother and 3 boy best friends," I answered. One of which broke my heart, I thought. "Okay. Don't say I didn't warn you." He opened the door and right away I could see the boys. They were all wrestling like maniacs. I laughed as they all stopped when they heard Niall and I come in. "Did you buy foo-" a curly haired boy started to say. He saw me and stopped talking. The 3 other boys started to look up too. I blushed as Niall began to explain. "Lads, this is Elise. I bumped into her while she was jogging. I think she broke her ankle. I'm gonna take her to the hospital but right now I need to get my keys and some ice." He set me down on the couch by his 4 mates. "Be nice," Niall said as he went upstairs. I sat there awkwardly as the boys were just staring at me. I began to feel self conscious when I realized that I was in my work out clothes and probably sweating. 

"Well hello there. I'm Harry. But you probably already knew that," the curly haired boy said. "Um, well actually I had no idea who you were until just now," I admitted feeling embarrassed. Was I supposed to know him? Was I supposed to know any of these boys? Who were they?

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