Everything You Do Is Magic

All Elise wanted was a normal life. Her parents got divorced when she was 6. She switched houses every week since they both stayed in the same town. London. But every time she was at her dad's, it seemed like he just had a new girl. Elise started to believe that love was just to be had in fairy tales. Until she met a cute, blonde Irish boy. Niall Horan.


1. Bumping Into Him

Elise's POV

It was finally summer. I just finished year 12. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to university yet.

I was packing my bag full of clothes to last a week while listening to my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran. When 'Give Me Love' came on, I blasted it. I danced to blow off steam and this song was my favorite to dance to since it had so much emotion. I moved over some furniture and lost myself as I started to dance. I came to when my mom screamed at me. "Elise!! I have to be at work in 10 minutes and I still have to drop you off at your father's! Come down this instant!" Shit. I quickly grabbed my electronics (laptop, iPhone, iPod, kindle) my guitar, and bag. "Coming!" I yelled back. I walked past my brother's room. He was 1 when our parents got divorced so he doesn't seem to mind. All he remembers is this broken up life. "Hey Alex. You sure you don't want to come to dad's with me?" A "fuck off" is all I got. He was mad since his girlfriend broke up with him for some other dick. I felt bad for him because I knew he really loved her. We were close. We talked about everything. I was hurt when he said that but I understood what heartbreak was like. But that's another story. 

When I got to my dad's, he embraced me with a huge hug. I haven't seen him in 4 months. "Hey carrot cake. I missed you." Carrot cake had been my nickname ever since my 4th birthday when I asked my dad if I could have carrot cake for my party. I chuckled. "Missed you too dad." I looked behind him to see a woman I have never met before. "Dad. Aren't you going to introduce me?" I asked with a smirk. "Elise this is Maria. We have been dating for 3 months." I looked at my dad and mouthed 'wow'. I have never seen him be with someone for this long. I then felt Maria's arms encircle me. "It's so nice to finally meet you! Your father has told me so much about you! I feel like I already know you!" Yeah, yeah, yeah was all I was thinking. I've heard this plenty of times before. But Maria just appeared to be a nice person so I hugged her back. "Nice to meet you, too," I replied. I then pulled back and went to my room to put my stuff down. That's when the few last weeks hit me.

I had been dating my best friend since birth, Josh. Well ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend. I thought we would settle down sooner or later and have kids. I loved him so much. I even forgave him twice for making out with one of my best friends, Melissa, on different occasions. I fell for him so hard. Then one day I was going over to Mel's house so we could go shopping. I went into her flat since I had a key and went upstairs to her room. I opened her door and started to tear up. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" I screamed. They finally noticed me. It was Josh and Mel...having sex. I just ran down the stairs and out the door while Josh didn't even try to run after me or try to explain. That night, I got no sleep and cried until had no more tears left. I didn't attend the last week of school. Not like I needed to anyways. That's also when my mom told me she was moving to America after the summer was over. I had to choose between staying with my dad or moving to a whole different continent with my mom and brother. 

I started to cry softly. I didn't want my dad to hear me. Especially not Maria because I didn't want her to try and be all motherly like. After my tears dried, I got out my guitar. I started playing and singing since I was 8. I only began to write songs a year ago. My dad told me I was good, but he's a parent. He has to be supportive. I started a song a week ago. About 3 days after I broke up with Josh. I called it 'This Song Is About You'. (A/N: I know this is a Olly Murs song. Just thought it would work with the situation). I figured out the lyrics but I now needed the chords figured out. I started to sing.

"This is my confessional. Pen and paper , I'm gonna write this down. Saying things you never thought that were on my mind, let the truth pour out. "Cause I'm tired of the games. I won't lie, no I'm not okay. You were wrong, you're to blame. Now the world knows your name." Then came the chorus. "So here you go. You're finally getting a song about you on the radio. Are you happy now that you broke me down? Now I curse the day that I met you. I hope you know this song is about you. There was no mistake, yes I meant to. I hope you know this song is about you."

I finished the song and worked out the chords. Obviously this song was about Josh so I needed to go work off my emotions more than I already have. I decided to go for a jog. I got my iPod and my running shorts and a t-shirt on. I walked out of my room, told my dad I was leaving and went out the door. It was then that I realized that it was dark out. I checked my watch and it was already 10 o'clock. I had been in my room for a long time. I started to jog. I had no idea where I was going to go until I remembered a park that was about 2 miles away. Perfect. I got to the park about a half hour later. It made me think of the times when I was a little girl, swinging so high that I thought nothing could bring me down. I sat in a swing for about 15 minutes and then thought that I should start heading home. I put on some new music I got that week. It was Pink's latest album. I love the sassiness of her voice and songs. I got lost in the music and running and didn't even realize the boy walking down the pavement.


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