Use Somebody

This is a Larry Stylinson school AU


1. Prologue

Harry was excited. Mr West had just announced a partnered assignment in biology and Harry was quite obviously the only person in the class that Louis knew besides one of Matt’s followers that sat, surrounded by girls in the corner talking about surfing and his holiday in Australia or something like that.


Honestly, Harry didn’t care because he was adamant to get partnered with Louis. Sure, Harry would love to go to Australia someday but he wasn’t really interested in the topic.


Harry wished that he and Louis could swap positions because that way, he’d be able to stare at the older boy all lesson and he wouldn’t even notice. That made Harry wonder if Louis was staring at him, but he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t because he didn’t like Harry as much as Harry liked Louis.


Harry had kind of began to neglect his friends over the past few days, where he watched patiently for Louis to do something because anything that he would do would be way too cute for his own good. Harry’s two ‘best friends’ were also in the biology class. Niall, cute Irish blond who moved to Doncaster because he’d moved from his father’s to his mother’s house, and Liam who was some kind of straight edge thing, Harry didn’t know, he was just really responsible and never drank or anything.


So, when the teacher asked them to pair up, Harry ignored the stares he was getting from his friends. They could just pair up together, there was actually no big deal in it, but they kept staring because of those partner confirmation stares that I had disregarded.


Harry turned his back to the teacher and looked at the older boy behind him. “Be my partner?”


Louis nodded furiously and Harry was surprised by how eager he was to be Harry’s partner, but he was okay with it. It was probably just nerves considering how Louis didn’t really have many friends and was socially awkward.


“Great! What do you want to do? I don’t know, I’m just particularly interested in figuring out some facts about the vascular plants and then doing the further classification of them. What do you think?” Harry realised how strange his small ramble sounded and how desperate it sounded. What do you know? He and Louis were at one with each other.


“Sounds great.” Louis mumbled, even though in reality he didn’t actually know what Harry had said. Louis wasn’t the smartest of kids, hence why he failed his A levels and was having to retake them. He wasn’t like Harry who’d skipped a year because his IQ was higher than the teacher’s and he wasn’t like David who was just excellent at writing, and English in general. In fact, David’s dream was to be an English teacher. But Louis knew that he could be writing books instead of teaching delinquents.


Louis stared at the to-do list Harry had written down and picked out the easier tasks for him to do himself and hopefully Harry wouldn’t care about that, as he knew Louis wasn’t so smart.


“I’ll go to the garden place tomorrow and get some vascular plants. What’s our budget?”


“I think that Mr West said that he’s giving us money after the project if we keep the receipts for up to thirty dollars.”






Harry woke up in the middle of the night and took a glance at the alarm clock on his bedside. He’d had a horrid dream. He’d dreamt that Louis had become friends with Matt and that Louis had turned against him. But when Harry did wake he found that that would never be true because Louis hated Matt and his gang and would never succumb to their evil.


Harry decided to go for a walk to get rid of all thoughts of his ridiculous dream. The wind swept his hair back off his forehead; he struggled to keep his eyes open and tried to be aware of the dirt that could fly into his eyes very easily.


As usual, he walked and couldn’t stop thinking of the boy who haunted his dreams but was very much alive. Alive and not far from his house; attending his school day after day and up until now Harry hadn’t gotten a very good insight into the brain of the elder. But now they were partners, even if it was only for biology. It meant that they had to talk – even if it were for simple topic such as the vascular systems of conifer trees. It was still interaction with his beloved, if it wasn’t too early to call him that.


It is true that many teenagers have childhood crushes on girls and/or guys and usually these don’t last. They simply grow out of them, but Harry knew that he wasn’t going to be growing out of loving Louis for a very long time. Whether that time is spent together, or if he is rejected, Harry knew that he was one hundred percent in love with Harry. And it wouldn’t end up being a tragedy. He wouldn’t fall in and out of love. He was falling in love but it still felt like he was flying. Was this normal? Of course not, he was not a normal child. He did not deserve love.




So after the recent events, David felt particularly happy. He was once again talking to Louis, which meant he once again had his friend - His friend whom he would do almost everything with. Even if he couldn’t do everything with him that he used to do because of the fact that Louis didn’t trust him, it was still better than having no friends at all.


Harry’s friends on the other hand were feeling a little neglected. Of course, Zayn and Liam had supported Harry in his ambition to support Louis and be there for him, but when Harry started spending all his time simply procrastinating at home over the boy and even tossing one time over the boy’s image. Basically Liam and Zayn had become aware that something was up, that Harry was not going to be with them as much because he’d prefer to be with Louis.


Louis had no friends when he’d first noticed Harry, but then an old friendship rekindled between him and David, so there was a kind of plus. But Louis didn’t want that replenishing relationship to fail due to the fact of the provoking of another. Louis would definitely admit to himself that he was scared for he and David. Would their friendship be able to survive with another on the rise?


Then there was Harry himself, who was coming to terms with the fact that he was falling even though he still felt like he was on cloud nine. He felt as though he was soaring above the clouds with no more than wings attached to his back and the wind rushing through his curls. Yes. Styles was indeed falling for Tomlinson.
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