All You Need Is Love *Complete*

Amber Rose Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. Everyone calls her Rosie. It's 2010, while Louis tries out for the Xfactor; Rosie gets a job working for Simon. After One Direction is formed, Rosie starts to fall for one of the lads. But will he just break her heart for another, and never be able to regain her trust.


34. Time Lapse

*Three Weeks Later*

A lot has happened  in the past three weeks. My left knee has healed. While my right knee has healed half way. It still hurts to walk. So I tend to say in one place until I really have to move.

On a happy note, I've done some more drawings. Like portraits of the boys. I did them in this order: Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis. The boys said I did really well. I mean, I try. All my drawings are very life like. Says my brother. Right now I'm in the middle of drawing puppies. A beagle, dachshund, and a basset hound.

Now, on an even happier note, I'm officially Harry's girlfriend. It all happened a few days after I tripped. I couldn't sleep, so Harry came and sat with me. We were talking, when out of the blue, he asked if I was his girlfriend. I said, "If you want me to be." He said... Yes! I was so happy. I didn't want to ask, and I didn't have too. Then he gave me a kiss, grabbed my hand, and then we both fell asleep.

It's only a few days 'till we leave for the Judge's House. The boys have been practicing hard. Everything's arranged with Emily. She'll meet us at the airport, then she and I will go on a private plane with Simon. I just hope the boys make it to the live shows. Sure, there will be a few week gap before, but they deserve to go to the live shows.

Anyways, as of right now,  Niall's trying to teach me how to play the guitar. "Niall, I can't do this."

"I will teach you if it takes all day."

A laugh escapes me, "Okay, Irish boy." Out of the corner of my eye, I see him blush.

And, after a few more minutes, I've learned 'Hot Cross Buns'. Yes! 

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