All You Need Is Love *Complete*

Amber Rose Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. Everyone calls her Rosie. It's 2010, while Louis tries out for the Xfactor; Rosie gets a job working for Simon. After One Direction is formed, Rosie starts to fall for one of the lads. But will he just break her heart for another, and never be able to regain her trust.


32. I Skin My Legs

Then the ground is rushing towards me. All I can think of is that tree root. Which I was told to watch out for.

Without even thinking, I put my right leg out. So my face won't hit the pavement. Knowing I've scraped my knee.

Now, I'm not much of a crier anymore. Unless I see blood.

I landed on my knees, so I flip to my butt. Then the tears come. One my left leg, the one that got caught in the root, there is a scrape 1.5 inches in length and 1/2  inches wide. It's right below the knee. On the right knee is a scrape, starting at the bottom of my knee, 8 inches long and 1/2 inches wide. The left leg has a little blood coming to the surface. However, on the right leg, blood is just flowing out.

"Oh gosh," is all Harry can say. Then he picks me up, bridal style. He doesn't run, but he doesn't walk back to the house. Somehow he opens the door and gets us inside. Not stopping, he goes to the bathroom. Setting me on the counter. The boys are all gathered in the doorway. I've stopped crying, too.

"What happened?" Louis asks.

"She tripped," Harry answers.

"Can someone bandage me up?" I choke out.

"I can," Liam says. He walks over to me. "Harry, do you have a first-aid kit?"

"Yeah," Harry answers.

"Get it."

Harry goes under the sink and pulls out a red bag. Then hands it to Liam. Who then opens it. First he cleans the wounds with a wet cloth. Puts a Band-Aid on the little one, and wraps up the big one in a type of bandage cloth thing.

"There you go."

"Thanks Liam."

"You're welcome. Can you walk?"

I slip off the counter. Both feet touching the ground. A sting of pain goes up my right leg. I wince, "Maybe."

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