All You Need Is Love *Complete*

Amber Rose Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. Everyone calls her Rosie. It's 2010, while Louis tries out for the Xfactor; Rosie gets a job working for Simon. After One Direction is formed, Rosie starts to fall for one of the lads. But will he just break her heart for another, and never be able to regain her trust.


43. He Is Sorry

~Rosie's POV~

I slowly open my eyes, but just to slits. Then I see Harry, and tightly close my eyes. What does he want?

"I know you're awake."

"What do you want?" I open my eyes. Then slowly sit up.

"To say sorry. Truly, I am. I was going to do more than just talk with Caroline. I regret it. Do you forgive me?"

"A little. Thanks for being honest."

"So, are we back together?"

"Oh, well, I still want you to have these," he hands me two little white boxes he has been holding.

I take them. In one is necklace; the other a ring. I put the ring on my right ring finger. Then  put the necklace around my neck, and stuff it down into my shirt. "Thank you." We both stand up. "We can get back together when I feel I can trust you. 'Till then, no more kisses. No more 'babe'. Hugs are fine." I hope I can l learn to trust a boy who cheated on me. Can he show he'll be loyal?

"Okay," he walks to the door. "By the way, I dedicate tomorrow's song to you." Then he leaves.

He really is sorry. But he did almost cheat on me with an older lady twice his age. I sigh, I'm gonna talk to Emily about all this.

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