All You Need Is Love *Complete*

Amber Rose Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. Everyone calls her Rosie. It's 2010, while Louis tries out for the Xfactor; Rosie gets a job working for Simon. After One Direction is formed, Rosie starts to fall for one of the lads. But will he just break her heart for another, and never be able to regain her trust.


30. Going To Give Harry's Mum The Grocery List

*The Next Morning*

I wake up in my bed, facing the wall. I could get up, but I don't. Why? Someone will come get me.

After a few minutes, I sit up. Then I get up and go to the desk. Get out my sketch pad, and flip to my Niall portrait. Then take a glance at the clock. It reads 7:03am. Then I go back to my sketch pad, grab my colored pencils, and start coloring the picture.

Right as I finish it, my door opens. "Babe?" comes a husky British voice.

I get out of my seat and look towards the door. Harry stands in the doorway; wearing a t-shirt and shorts. "Yeah?"

"We were going to go give my mum the grocery list."

I look at the clock, "At 8:45am?"

"Yeah. I'll be in the living room 'till you're ready."

"Okay," I walk over to him. "Thanks again, for last night."

"You're welcome," he kisses my forehead. Then walks away.

I go to my suitcase and get out a t-shirt with the American flag on it. Also, jean shorts. Then I go out to the living room. Same as last night. "I'm ready"

"Okay, follow me," Harry says.

I step over everything on the floor and make my way over to Harry. He's standing by the sliding glass door. Then he opens the door, and we walk out. Once we're outside, he closes the door. Then he grabs my hand. And we start walking. There's a little path, and at the end is a house.

"So, what were you doing when I came in?" Harry asks.

"I had just finished Niall's portrait."


We walk a little longer in silence.

Then, "Watch out!"

Both of us stop walking, and I look down. Right across the path is a tree root. So if you trip, you land on the pavement.

"Thanks," I say. Then we step over it and continue walking.

"No problem."

In one more minute, we are at the back door of the house. Harry opens the door, and we walk in.

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