All You Need Is Love *Complete*

Amber Rose Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. Everyone calls her Rosie. It's 2010, while Louis tries out for the Xfactor; Rosie gets a job working for Simon. After One Direction is formed, Rosie starts to fall for one of the lads. But will he just break her heart for another, and never be able to regain her trust.


14. Compliments On My Drawing

"Morning love," says a husky British voice.

I look up, it is Harry. "Mornin' Harry." He has very sexy morning voice.

"What ya' doin'?" he sits down by me.

"Drawing," I answer.

He peers over my shoulder. "That's really good."

"Are you lying?" I stop and look at him. Our eyes meet. His green eyes look into my soul.

"No, it's really good."

"Thanks," I continue to draw. "So, what time is our date?"

"Well, we'll leave around, um, 4:30pm. Go to my favorite restaurant. Then walk past some little shops. Maybe, erm," he's getting nervous, "buy something. Um, then come back, erm, here."

"Maybe after we get to know each other better. You won't  'um' and 'erm' so much." I look at him.

He gives me a cheeky smile. Like he always does. "I'm gonna get break-fast," he gets up. Leaving me to continue my drawing.

*One Hour Later*

Everyone's up and has had breakfast. Zayn should be here in about 30 minutes. It's been decided that I'll tell him everything that happened yesterday. Since I have a near perfect memory. I finished my drawing and am now coloring it in with my special-for-sketch-paper-like-mine-only colored pencils. "Guys! My drawing is not a coloring book! If I mess up, I'll hurt all of you!" I'm on the floor so I can be level with the coffee table. The boys are watching football. Niall gets up and sits down by me.

"He looks at my drawing, "That's amazing."

"Thank you."

"Can you draw me next?"

"Sure, I'll do it tomorrow."

"What about me?" Harry flashes his dimples.

"Sure. Anyone else want me to do their portrait?"

"Yes," Louis and Liam say.


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