Some How It Works

10 best friends. They have all been together since 6th grade. Their senior year is ending and that is when everything changes. All of them will be falling in love. It all starts with a trip to Zayns Vacation house on Lopez Island.


1. Working With Love


Monday morning...

I can't stand the fact that we are always late for school because my brother, well half brother, insists on picking up nine other people every day. Although they are our best friends... Lets name them off-Liam, Harry, Zayn, Gem, Taylor, Cordelia, Niall, Mackenzie, Andrea (unfortunately), and of course Louis and I.

Our Senior year of High School has been okay, luckily it is ending. Most of us have moved out of our parents houses and into 'adult hood.' I am staying with Lou until I can afford a place of my own. 

"Whose house to first Jacky?" Louis asked me...

"It's the last day of school, you should know this by now...Liam and Andrea's." I hissed. I love my brother, but he can be an idiot sometimes.

"Why is he still dating that bitch?" He asked with a bit of jealousy behind his voice; not because he liked Andrea but because he wanted to be in a relationship.

"Calm yourself Lou-is, she is leaving for Seattle in a month." I said trying to calm him down. He laughed as we pulled up to Leeyum's house.

"Li Li, get your tiny bum over here!" Louis yelled as he honked his horn exactly seven times.

"Sorry 'Jacklin' sorry Louis!" Liam smirked, he thought his pet name for me was clever. Andrea came strutting out of their house. 

Oh how we hated Andrea. Andrea is Liam's girlfriend. We have all been best friends since 6th grade and Andrea comes waltzing in taking over our group. Louis particularly hated Andrea because she tried to cheat on Liam with Louis (ultimately failing). Liam still has no clue. Andrea walked up wearing basically nothing as usual.

"Hey there dick head, how are you?" She said to Louis as she sat down in the back of the van next to Liam.

"Is that your idea of witty banter you moronic skank?" he replied. I tried so hard not to laugh.

"You know you love me, babe." She winked looking devilish.

"Bite me blondie." Lou said.

"With pleasure." she said under her breathe. 

Liam sat there pretending nothing had been said. Almost to Zayns' house. Louis looked over at me with a devious smile. For Lou was the only one that new of my feeling for Zayn. He still lived with his mom. He was in the process of moving out. I ran out of Lou's van up to Zayns door and knocked lightly. He opened it and stared at me. I could just melt right there as the dark eyed beauty winked at me.

"Hey there stranger" I said winking back.

"Hey Jack, how are you?" He asked as he wrapped one arm around me as we walked to the van.

"Can't complain, what about you Malik?" I questioned as I looked up at him.

"I am fine, just tired from all the packing. I am almost done though!" He sounded so excited to move out.

We crawled into the van and sat next to each other trying to ignore Liam and Andrea making out in the back.

"Taking advantage of him as usual." Zayn whispered to me rolling his eyes.

"Gems House next?" Louis questioned. He can never remember anything, not matter how organized he says he is. 

"YES!" Zayn and I said in unison.

Same routine every morning. Luckily today was the last day of school. We got to Gems house. She came running out frantically. Her long brown curls blowing in the wind. Louis started the van, only to see Harry come running out of the house as well.

"Well, well, well, what happened here Harold?" Louis said looking at him through the rear view mirror.

"I was helping her with her home work." Harry said rolling his eyes.

Then Louis kept on joking about it. I looked over at Liam who obviously had a problem about the teasing. Liam was always very protective over Gem. Why? I don't know. I looked away as Andrea started to kiss Liams neck. She just uses Liam for sexual satisfaction, it was disgusting. We all wondered why he was dating her. But Liam only seeked approval from his father. Mr. Payne never appreciates anything that Liam does. For example Liam just made the schools Valedictorian, yet his father didn't even give him a thought. When Liam had just started dating Andrea he had her meet his father. His dad adored her. So the group and I believe that to be the reason as to why they are still together. 

"Off to Nialls!" Louis announced.

"Good thing Niall lives three houses away from Cordelia or we would be more than half an hour late." Zayn said with relief. 

Zayns arm moved and his hand was left on my thigh. One of my closest friends. And he had no idea about my feelings for him. Zayn just always thought of me as a 'guy.' I spaced out for a while thinking about whether 'Jacky Malik' would sound good. But even if I were to marry Zayn he would of course continue calling my Jack. We stopped the car and Niall squeezed into the van, and sat next to Gem. Then we drove three houses down, and Cordelia and Mackenzie came out. Cordelia looking beautiful as always. They crawled in trying to fit. 


"OW! You just screamed in my ear!" Niall fought.

Louis got a wicked smile on his face realizing we were off to Taylor's house. Taylor and Louis had an interesting friendship. Basically all they would do is fight and tease each other. Louis secretly had the biggest crush on her but was way to proud to tell her. He instead decided to fight with her. He has a strange way of flirting.

"Lets see school starts at 8:00 am and right now it is exactly 8:27 am!" Liam pointed out.

"Liam do you have to yell out the time every morning?" I yelled.

"Sassy aren't we Jacklin?" Leeyum said back raising his eye brow. 

"It runs in the family." Louis laughed

Taylor came sprinting to the van. Instead of jumping into the car, she hit her head on the top of it. Taylor fell back onto the grass. 

"A bit clumsy are we Tay?" Louis said with a chuckle. 

"Shut up LOU-cifer" She joked

"That was not necessary." Niall replied

We were all in the car finally on our way to school. Zayn and Harry were bickering over who got more girls this school year asking for my input as I tuned them out. Andrea was taking advantage of Liam in the back. Niall, Gem, Cordelia, and Mackenzie were all talking about there favorite T.V. Series "Entranced by Love" all I could hear was Niall say-

"Why is Jessica dating Chad hes so ugly!" 

Louis and Taylor were having their usual fight whilst obviously flirting whether they will admit it or not.

Today is the day I screw up all of our friendships and lives because I am going to tell Zayn how I feel.........


Finally we all got to school and split to our different classes. I had Andrea's tongue in my ear as I walked to my next class. It felt so uncomfortable. Sometimes I doubted my relationship with her. 

"That's enough Andrea I got to get to class..." I said moving my ear away from her.

"Liam..." is all she could say. 

She looked at me strangely and was obviously offended. Truthfully I didn't care. I ran to English class already more than half an hour late. Some how Gem had already gotten in the class without anyone noticing. Sneaky little minx she is. I walked into the class room through the back entrance. Yes I did it I got in without anyone seeing me. 

"Excuse me Mr. Payne, where have you been this past hour!" Screamed my English teacher.

"Oh, well I was on my way to school when... My friend got in a terrible car crash! She is in the hospital right now. I will tell her you send her your prayers." I said giving her my usual cheeky grin.

"Very well Mr. Payne...." Mrs. Sharable said brushing off my normal excuse.

Remember Gem and I would have to do this everyday, one of us would get caught because we were never on time, no thanks to Louis... I sat down in my seat next to Gem and right as I sat down the bell rang. Gem just laughed at me. I hit her arm.

"Shut up its not funny." she continued laughing.

We had math together and Zayn. So we were off to Math. The three of us sat together and never paid any attention to what the teacher was saying. I got a note from Zayn that said.

Li, My parents vacation house is open for the summer. Are you up for going to Lopez Island

Zayn was super rich his parents always visit his vacation house around the San-won Islands their favorite was Lopez

You know I am ZAYN!!! But we have to invite the gang. To bad Andrea is checking out her new place in Seattle... :(

I wrote back, to be honest I really couldn't care less if Andrea was coming or not. I am pretty upset with her right now.

Oh what a bummer (sense the sarcastic tone in this note) Just kidding Li Li. But hey it will give you the chance to make your move on Jacky.

Did he think I liked Jacklin?

What do you mean? I don't like her. What made you think that??? 

we continued to pass notes in class.

Well I can tell Jack is totally into you! If you don't see it you are blind.

What the hell was he talking about.

No Jacklin and I just are the best of friends. Besides she is Louis' sister. That would be weird...

I passed the note to him and he mouthed "Liar" and winked

Okay if you say so, but I would try and be a little sensitive to her feelings. I would hate for her to get hurt. I like Jack a lot shes a cool dude. Zayns note said.

She doesn't like me. Does she?

You talk about her as if she is a guy Zayn. She is cute, maybe I might look into it. But first I need to take care of Andrea... But what do you think about Gem? Do you think she is into me?

I wrote and looked over at her she was actually taking notes. How did I get Valedictorian??? I am a horrible student.

Well she is like my best friend! Gem? Really? I thought Gem was into Harry?

I realized how weird it was talking about our best friends like this. I felt like we were picking and choosing. It was a strange feeling.

Oh...She is? I thought Harry like Cordelia???

Okay this was getting confusing...

I have no clue to be frank.

He seemed to think I was into Jacklin... I couldn't even get a hold of that.

Wait, so who do you like Zayn

I waited as he took sometime to think.

Well I think Mackenzie is cute. But I really don't like anyone...Maybe I'll figure it out during the vacation. Maybe there might be some hot girl on Lopez. You never know.

I looked back over at Gem and she smiled at me with her perfect teeth they look like shiny beautiful white purls. Her gorgeous brown hair shined even in this dim lighted class room. She was so pretty I couldn't even take it. I wanted her to be mine. But then I thought about Jacky.... I don't want her to get hurt if what Zayn was telling me was true. Now that I think about it, she was staring at me in the car... Maybe he was right...Class ended and I got butterflies in my stomach as Jack and Louis came walking by me. 

"Hey Payne." Louis said nudging my arm.

"Hey Li hows your last day going?" Jacklin said with a smile that made my face flush.

"Its okay I guess. I am not paying much attention to school anyway..." I regained strength to say that.

"HEY! Guys my parents said we can take a fairy up to Lopez Island and stay at my vaca house!" Zayn said popping out of no where. 

"Sounds GREAT!!!" Gem said shrieking with excitement. She is so cute........



Lunch time. Okay don't get me wrong I LOVE FOOD! But people make fun of me so much for it I almost didn't want to eat. But I got in the lunch line anyway. Besides it was meatball sub day! It was an obligation. Right behind me was Mackenzie. I could smell her perfume, she smelled amazing. The lunch man with the hair net snapped me back to reality by saying.

"Stop staring at your girlfriend and pick something!" He said embarrassing me completely.

"Sh-Sh-Shes not M-My Girlfriend." I replied stuttering.

"Then that makes you a major creeper." The lunch man smiled.

I could feel my face getting as red as the sauce for the meatball sub. I looked back at her and she was just laughing. Mackenzie is the kind of girl that won't care much about this stuff. Besides I am pretty sure she doesn't like me. I always catch her staring at Liam. Liam is of course clueless to the situation. I grabbed my food and stormed away to our usual spot. I look at Cordelia's face when she came running over to the table her eyes were wide with excitement. This wasn't a shock... She would always get like this. 


"Okay, but then we all need to have dates. Plus our group is uneven." Taylor said laughing at her excitement.

"I have an idea, I don't mind going alone. So as the only one going by myself I will get to pair all of you up!" Gem said with glee. I hope she gives me Mackenzie.

"Hmm, Louis and Taylor, Liam and Andrea obviously, Harry and Jacky, Zayn and Cordelia, and Niall and Mackenzie. No complaining!" She said with a devious smile.

YES I gave the biggest grin after she said Mackenzie and Niall! YAY! I have to look perfect for tomorrow night. 


School dance was tomorrow and apperantly I am going with Niall. It will be fun... But I have never really thought of him as the kind of guy you date....I mean he's the type of guy who is like you girlfriend. I just find it to be a little weird. But I know we will have fun, Nialler is the best. Cordelia, Taylor, Gem, Jacky, and I are all planning to go last minute dress shopping after school. We have to keep it on the down low so Andrea doesn't find out. I didn't like Andrea much... She has issues. Plus she doesn't even really care about Liam, just his body. It was sickening just thinking about them together. I was in my very last class of the day...Biology. I have never been good at bio but Nialler always helped me out. I got a text from Niall on my phone that said "Purple, wear purple xx ;)" He is so lucky I didn't get caught by Mr. Araboldie or I would ring his cute little neck. I didn't reply because he was sitting two people away from me. I looked over at him and mouthed "Will do babe" He smiled his cute little smile. I am sad he got braces because he was the cutest little freshman I ever did see with his crooked teeth. He was blonde, short, and had a high squeaky voice. Now he is a senior and he is tall, a bit more muscular, his brown roots are showing, and he has not a deep voice but its deeper. I grew up pretty nicely but he hasn't changed much personality wise. I thought about what the lunch man said earlier. I wonder if Niall likes me... Doubt it we are just super close friends. People mistake us for a couple all the time. Besides I had my eye set on someone else. Liam. But he is obviously never going to break up with Andrea. She is just one sick bitch. I hate listening to the way she talks to Liam. She doesn't deserve someone like him. He was absolutely perfect. I loved every inch of that Boy. Even his cute little birth mark on the side of his neck. Why couldn't he just be mine. I just don't understand why the world is so against my feelings. It is just disappointing even think about. I can't stand it any longer. Maybe I should tell him how I feel. I will tell him when we leave for Lopez because Andrea won't be there. Am I making a mistake?


School had ended and I waited outside by Louis' van. It was locked so I just stood there waiting for someone to come along. I wanted everyone to hurry up because the girls and I (minus Andrea) were all planning to go dress shopping. I was so  excited for the dance. I am so glad everyone agreed to go. But I do wish that Gem would of given me Niall. I don't mind going with Zayn... I just prefer Niall. I was deep in thought when I heard a voice.

"Hey there." Said a voice from no where.

"Where are you?" I asked looking all around.

"Up here" He said laughing. I looked up and Niall was sitting on the roof of the van. He is so adorable. 

"What are you doing up there?" 

"Well Lou and Jacky are gathering up the others and buying the tickets for the dance. And today is a nice day. So I am laying down watching the clouds. Wanna join me?" He smiled at me. I climbed up and sat on the edge of it. 

"C'mon lay down. You can't watch the clouds like that Cordi." He said, 'Cordi' what a cute nick name, Cordelia is such a boring name I hope 'Cordi' catches on.

"Well Ni there isn't much room for that." I said grinning with the fact that I was even talking to him.

"Don't be shy now lay down. Just stay close okay." He said pulling my down next to him. He rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat. It was soothing.

"Look that one looks like a chicken leg!" I said pointing at the chicken leg shaped cloud.

"Yeah, that one looks like a heart." He said as he moved his hand and it touched mine. He started playing with my figures. Then traced the scar on the back of my hand. 

"How did you get that? I have known you for more than eight years and yet I never noticed you had a scar there." He said and held my hand randomly. 

"You don't remember? Liam gave it to me when we were all in the 8th grade school play. We were set building and he sliced my hand." I laughed. My heart started racing at the feeling of his hand cupping mine.

"That's right!" he exclaimed. We continued to watch the clouds when we heard Louis coming.


So apparently I am going dress shopping with the girls. I was walking to the van after we bought the tickets to the dance. I didn't feel awkward going to the dance alone. I find it strange people are going with their best friends anyway. And I can tell most of them are pissed off at me because of who I had paired them up with. But it was just so funny! Especially Taylor and Lou. They despise each other more than anyone I know of. So the plan is today we go shopping tomorrow is the dance and then the day after the dance we are off to Lopez Island for a whole month. I am not gonna lie I am so syked to be on an island without any parents in a wicked awesome house with my besties. It is going to be so fricken epic. I just can't believe my dad is giving me the freedom to do this. But I guess now that I am out of high school I am pretty much an adult. But it's a little annoying to be the last of the group to still live with my dad... Zayn and I were the only ones left but now he is almost completely moved. So anyways we got to the van and Lou unlocked the doors only to realize someone was on his car!?

"Who the hell is up there?" Louis screamed.

"Just us." Niall said as he popped his head off the top.

"Niall what did I tell you...No sex on my van!" He joked.

"Shut up. We were just watching the clouds." He defended himself.

"How romantic." Zayn and Jacky said at the same time.

Jacky and Zayn had this weird connection... They always knew what the other was about to say. They always talk in unison it was a little creepy. It's kind of funny how our group work. We all have a favorite person to hang out with. Like I know this sounds weird but, each of us have a favorite person of the same sex and of the opposite sex... I know I could of fraised that better... Like Jacky has Zayn and Jacky has me. Mackenzie has Niall and Mackenzie has Cordi. Sorta like that. I could go on and on about this...

"Okay so the plan is we all head to the mall, the boys go to their stores, and the girls to theirs. We can't go to the same places though. But we will all meet for coffee before 4pm." Liam said making sure everyone understood.

"Yes father." Louis, Jacky, Zayn, Niall, and Harry said together.

"Someone needs to say it!" He yelled back then shot me a look.

Remember what I said about favorites? Well Liam was mine. I have known Liam longer than anyone. He is what I consider to be the definition of a best friend. Liam is such a sweet guy.

My phone vibrated and I tried to pry it from my pants pocket.

"Are you excited Gem? :P" Liam sent

"Yeah this will be fun. I will just have to hide away when ever a slow dance comes on. ;)" I replied.

"I will be dancing with Andrea all night... If you want we could dance when ever a slow song comes on."

I looked over at him and gave him a smile.

"C'mon Li you don't have to I don't mind being alone. You know that. I mean when was the last time I had a boyfriend." I sent the text and hid the phone away from Niall's wondering eyes.

"Yeah, but what kind of best friend would I be? And the only reason you haven't had a boyfriend in so long is because you turn down dates all the time. You are to blame for you oh so very lonesome life ;P" he did have a point... But I am just not interested in anyone.

"Ugh, fine... Be that way Payne! xx" My phone vibrated again. "I will be that way especially because you are leaving for New York after this summer! Cannot believe you had to choose a college so far away from me babe" The only reason I did that was to get away from my parents... After their divorce it has gotten pretty hard to be around them. So I want to be as far away from them as I can get. Besides I want to go to a very prestigious college.

"You know I have my reasons." I texted back.

"Not good enough. I will miss you to much. Maybe I should just live in New York with you lol" he is so stupid. He made me laugh.

"ALMOST THERE!" Louis yelled out as we just barely reached the mall parking lot. Louis parked and we all rushed out of the van. The girls and boys went in two different directions. I walked with Jacky and the girls into JC penny's. We went straight to the dresses and started picking out cloths. Of course being who Cordelia is she had to grab a bright red sexy showy dress. It was pretty damn awesome. I found this nice MODEST dress. It was black with a cute pattern of jewels around the waist almost like a belt. It wasn't too long so I could dance. It was really pretty and it looked like it would fit me well. You know in all the right places.

"Which one do you think Louis will hate the most?" Taylor said as she picked up an ugly orange colored dress.

"If you really want to get under his skin wear something hot. Then when he falls for you, you still wont be interested." Jacky said only joking.

"SMART! I am going to do it!" Taylor shrieked with excitement.

"She was joking Tay!" I said rolling my eyes at her stupidity.

"Well I think you were being brilliant. I am doing it!" She said as she rummaged through the dresses around her.

I went walking to the shoes by myself...

I couldn't believe who I saw! He was not supposed to be here.


Authors Note:

Please let me know what you think about chapter one. Tell your friends to read this movella. Thanks for reading-Constance

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